Review: Lundgren’s Mörk Nicotine Pouches

Review: Lundgren’s Mörk Nicotine Pouches

Back in 2022, BAT joined the growing nicotine pouch category by releasing an all white version of their popular Lundgren’s Snus. Since then, they’ve added more products onto the lineup, including the one we are talking about today, Lundgren’s Mörk! There are a lot of great nicotine pouch products out there, and some not so great ones. But the one thing that you don’t see a lot of focus on is quality. The Lundgren’s Nicotine Pouches line brings a high quality to this category with a focus on flavors, and some pretty incredible pouches. I’ve always regarded their Rimfrost one as the better flavor in their family, but this new one is one I’ve found to be quite impressive. This one is said to have a taste of tobacco, which is interesting. While a lot of companies have tried to release a tobacco flavor in a tobacco-free format, no one has really quite got it right just yet. Sure, some have come close, but it’s a very hard flavor to get right. When I went into this one, I approached it without thinking of it as a tobacco-clone, but as it’s own unique flavor. So, how did it turn out? Well, let’s check it out!



The product description for this one says, “Lundgrens Mörk – A tobacco free and all-white Lundgrens Snus from Fiedler & Lundgren developed in collaboration with the award-winning cocktail bar owner Hampus Thunholm! These well-filled and medium strong nicotine pouches deliver a dark and spicy flavor with a tobacco inspired character that is topped by tones of bergamot, leather and hay, giving you a traditional snus flavor. The filling used by its regular sized nicotine pouches consists of natural plant fibers. A high-quality filling that ensures that they offer a stain-free and low-drip experience. The can itself has a FLEXLOCK, an expanding lid for used portions.” Each can weighs 16.8 grams with 21 nicotine pouches per can. The pouches weigh 0.8 grams each. The nicotine content is 10mg/g, but with the pouch weight it breaks down to 8mg per pouch.



Opening up the can, I’m greeted with an aroma that most closely reminds me of leather. There’s an almost light tarry presence to it, as well. I pick up a subtle hint that reminds me of bergamot, too. I don’t get a lot of berry to this one, though. The pouches are one thing that really shines about this one. They’re full sized, and plump. Most nicotine pouches are slim, but these are bigger, and fill out the lip a lot better. They’re incredibly soft to the touch, too, and feel really nice under the upper lip. In the flavor, I notice more leather at first. Then, a little bergamot along with a light tarry note. It doesn’t really taste like tobacco, but on it’s own it has a really nice flavor profile. Some parts of it remind me of tobacco, but to me it’s more of it’s own thing. The nicotine strength on this one is pretty solid, feeling about the regular strength level. It has a steady, normal paced delivery, which is pretty enjoyable. The flavor lasts a decent amount to time, too, usually hanging out about 40-45 minutes, on average.

The Bottom Line

This was a pretty good nicotine pouch. Compared to a lot of what else is out there, this one definitely stands out. With so many mint pouches on the market, it’s nice to have one that tastes like something different. I like the traditional approach to the flavor, which is something that’s pretty appealing to folks like myself who like a more normal, traditional flavor profile. The quality of this one is also miles ahead of a lot of others out there, so this is one I’d put high on your list of products to order next if you’ve never had it.

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