Regular nicotine free pouches are available from SnusExpress. The flavors of fruit, caffeine, mint, or any other taste is released in a faster way than in smaller pouches, although moisture levels can have an effect on how quickly flavor is released as well. The sensation one receives from such a product is also likely to be more intense because a greater content of that ingredient can be included within the pouch. For example,

  • Caffeine provides a stimulating response to the brain and nervous system, which is used by some products to replace nicotine
  • Menthol has a freezing effect on the lip, which intensifies the experience

Regular sachets are more obvious in the lip, so it is harder to use them when a person is out and about without others noticing, but they do not stand out as much as large ones do. More experienced users tend to prefer these types of pouches because they are more seasoned at how to handle the sachets, thus they can deal with the quicker release of flavor better.

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