Chainsaw Snus – Raw power and ice-cold flavors

It’s finally back! Chainsaw Snus is a powerful brand of nicotine packed and minty portion snus that embodies the mighty feeling of revving up a chainsaw with its intense kicks and ice-cold flavors. It’s manufactured by Swedish Match, which is a seal of quality and satisfaction.

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled snus experience

With a portion of Chainsaw under your lip you can expect an intense rush of both mint and nicotine. It’s a high-quality brand with snus designed for the thrill-seekers, for those who crave something packed with raw power and for you who simply want something with a little extra oomph!

Swedish Match brought Chainsaw Snus back after popular demand

Chainsaw’s journey started back in 2018 when the Danish manufacturer V2 Tobacco released Chainsaw Chewing Bags, which is an EU-version of Swedish snus. These chewing bags became an overnight sensation, and it didn’t take long until a snus variant of Chainsaw hit the shelfs. Shortly after that, Swedish Match bought V2 Tobacco and a couple of years later the production of Chainsaw Snus was put on a short hiatus. But now it’s finally back with an improved recipe! Same low-drip White Dry Portions, but this time around with even more nicotine and a colder mint flavor.

How strong is the snus from Chainsaw?

Chainsaw Cold Mint Super Strong Mint packs an impressive nicotine content of 26 mg/g, which converts to 20 mg/portion. This high nicotine content makes it classified as Ultra Strong. It delivers powerful, intense and incredibly stimulating kicks. It’s a rush of nicotine sure to satisfy the more experienced snus user as well as those who want something that pushes boundaries.

What does Chainsaw Snus taste like?

Chainsaw Snus is a brand with a clear focus on refreshing mint flavors! Chainsaw’s Cold Mint flavor offers a crisp and cool explosion of smooth spearmint and frost-biting peppermint over a light and spicy tobacco blend. It’s a flavor that leaves a satisfying cooling sensation under your lip.

Where can I buy Chainsaw Snus?

You can buy Chainsaw Snus right here at Our snus and nicotine pouches are always fresh in stock, available at low prices and they come with fast shipping. – Your online shop for Swedish Snus!

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