Artisan is premium-brand from the Swedish manufacturer The Snus Factory and the American snus-profile Chad “Snubie” Jones that has been developed together with members from Snubie’s snus-community. A team effort that has resulted in chew with robust characters and tobacco centric flavors.

A trend that has been taking off and grown in popularity during these last couple of years have been tobacco free and all-white snus with minty flavors and high nicotine contents. New releases of chew with traditional flavors have unfortunately been few and far between even tough there has been a demand. Snubie has with Artisan set out on a mission to rectify this absent of traditional flavored chew. He has listened to feedback from chew users all around the world about portion sizes, strengths, flavors and graphical design to get a clear picture on what kind of chew the users really want. Their demands where high, and to meet them only carefully selected tobacco from India, Guatemala and the U.S have been used in Artisan’s tobacco blends. Artisan’s portions are a bit on the large side, and they’re designed to offer soft and comfortable fit. The flavors are robust and nuanced, and Artisan’s chew deliver satisfyingly strong nicotine kicks.

Artisan offers a carefully curated selection of chew that are available in both original- and white portions. Artisan Signature Blend Original/White Portion have robust, rustic and dark tobacco characters, making them to the perfect choice for you who want a chew with a pure and classic tobacco flavor. In Artisans selection of chew you’ll also find flavors that takes this powerful tobacco blend and incorporates flavor tones of either coffee or vanilla. Artisan Espresso Original has a dark tobacco character and flavor where hints of dark roasted coffee meet notes of chocolate and nuttiness. Artisan Dark Vanilla Original tops its robust tobacco blend with dark and creamy toned of Madagascar vanilla.