Links to other SnusExpress shops

At SnusExpress we ship snus and tobacco free nicotine pouches to over 190 countries worldwide. The laws and regulations concerning smokeless tobacco products may differ a bit from country to country. To offer you the best shopping experience possible we got separate SnusExpress shops for those countries, and you’ll find them listed down below. - your SnusExpress Shop for Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland and want to buy snus, swing by to order your snus or nicotine pouches. Fast deliveries and shipping free of charge.

Click here and shop:! - your SnusExpress Shop for Sweden

Do you want to buy snus to Sweden? If that’s the case, then is the shop for you!

Please note: To order and pay (Qliro) at you need a Swedish Bank ID.

Click here and shop:! - your SnusExpress Shop for Norway

Are you living in Norway and want to order snus? No problem, because our shop got you covered!

Please note: To order and pay (Qliro) at you need a Norwegian social security number.

Click here and shop:!