Ace X Superwhite Black Raspberry Chili

Ace X Superwhite Black Raspberry Chili

The Ace series is a popular line of nicotine pouches made by Ministry of Snus in Denmark. They have your standard flavors like citrus, lemonade, and mint. But, they have been making some interesting, unique ones lately. This one is one of their more interesting offerings: Black Raspberry Chili! I like raspberries, but I’ve never heard of black raspberries. I actually went to Google that today to see if that was a real thing, and sure enough, it’s a real fruit! Some websites I read said they’re similar to blueberries. Well, I’ve never had one, so trying out this pouch will be the closest I’ll be able to get today to a black raspberry. So, grab a seat, open a can, pop in a pouch, and let’s check out this nicotine pouch!



The product description for this one says, “Ace X Superwhite Black Raspberry Chili – A tobacco free and all-white snus that offers a real feast for your taste buds! Its discreet and slim sized nicotine pouches deliver strong nicotine kicks together with a fruity raspberry flavor that is complemented by notes of spicy chili for some tingling heat. The high-quality filling used consists of natural plant fibers. This filling ensures that these slim nicopods provide a low-drip and stain-free experience. Manufactured by Ministry of Snus”. Each can weighs 10 grams and has 20 pouches, for 0.5 grams each. The nicotine content is 16mg/g, which breaks down to just 8mg/pouch, or regular strength.



Opening up the can, the aroma does seem closer to raspberry to me. It’s slightly sweet, and has just a faint touch of pepper in the background. The pouches are slim, moist, and have a nice fit under the lip. Even though they’re only 0.5g each, they don’t feel super light to me. They have a nice fit under the lip, and are pretty soft against the gum. The flavor comes on pretty quickly! There’s almost a slight burn in the lip when you put one in, perhaps from the chili in the recipe. The flavor is pretty good! I’ve never had a black raspberry, but I can say these taste close to regular raspberry. They’re not super sweet, and have a nice fruity taste to them. The chili doesn’t come through in a big way, nor does it have a lot of heat to it. I pick up a hint of it in the background, but it’s not too bold, nor is it too spicy. There’s just a little of it kicking around. In the nicotine department, I find this one to have a nice delivery to it, and to feel about the regular level, maybe just a hair above that. The flavor also has a decent amount of life to it, lasting about 35-40 minutes, on average! 

The Bottom Line

So, all in all, this one was pretty good! There’s not a lot of raspberry flavored pouches out there, so I found this one to be pretty unique. I didn’t get a lot of chili from it, honestly, but there was a little in there. But, as the flavor sits, I found this one to be pretty enjoyable. Ace is great about their flavors, so I knew this one would be good as well. I’d suggest trying it out if you like fruit flavors. I think the fruity taste of this one came across really well. I also like that it’s not too crazy strong, so that was a nice bonus. So, go grab yourself a can! I think you’ll be quite happy with this one.


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