Review: Oden’s Wintergreen Slim White Dry

Review: Oden’s Wintergreen Slim White Dry

The wintergreen flavor is a hit and miss one for me. Sometimes I really want it. Sometimes I don’t. Today, we’re checking out a wintergreen snus that I’m actually a fan of. This is Oden’s Wintergreen Slim White Dry, a product by GN Tobacco in Sweden. This is one with a stronger kick to it than your average wintergreen snus, a dry pouch, and a long lasting flavor. So if you’re a fan of wintergreen, grab a seat, and let’s talk about Oden’s Wintergreen Slim White Dry!


The flavor description on this one says, “a crisp and refreshing wintergreen flavor”. You’ll find the catch lid located on top, and is a place you can discard of your used portions if you aren’t near a trash receptacle. Each can weighs 13 grams and has 20 portions, for 0.65g portions. The nicotine contents sits at 22mg/g, but with 0.65g portions that’s 14.3mg/portion.


Opening the can, you’ll encounter a familiar wintergreen aroma. It’s milder, though. It’s not as bold, and it has a little bit of sweetness to it. The portions come in the slim white dry format. I find them soft to the touch, and pretty comfortable under the lip. They’re slightly dry, but not so dry that they’re uncomfortable. They have a slight cooling presence under the lip, and a slow, gradual flavor build. The flavor is a mild taste of wintergreen, and refreshing in nature. It’s slightly sweet, but not overly sweet by any means. It’s a pretty nice, balanced flavor. There’s also a little tobacco in the background, too. In the nicotine kick, this one feels a little over the strong level, but not quite to the extra strong mark. The flavor lasts a good hour, sometimes a little more.

The Bottom Line

If you like wintergreen flavors but want something with a little more kick to it, this is one you’ll enjoy. I like that the flavor is more mild on this one, and longer lasting than most others on the market. It’s pretty refreshing. I don’t use this one all the time, but it’s one I will reach for here and there whenever I get that craving for a wintergreen flavor. So, check it out on your next order, grab a can or two. You may find yourself in love with this flavor!

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