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XR General Strong Slim White

White Portion

Taste Profile




Nicotine Content

14 mg/g

Net Weight

16 g

A discreet slim and white portion snus from XR that delivers strong kicks together with General’s classic tobacco-bergamot flavor!

XR General Strong Slim White – A XR snus perfect for you who’s a fan of General’s iconic flavor and who’s looking for something discreet and stimulating! These white and slim portions deliver strong nicotine kicks (11 mg/portion) together with a spicy tobacco flavor that is topped a fresh dash of bergamot. Its comfortable and discreet snus portions have somewhat dry and thin surfaces. A combination of qualities that ensure that they provide a long-lasting and fast release of both flavor and nicotine. The can is smaller than regular snus cans, while still containing 21 portions, which means that they use less material and take less space in your pocket. You can now buy your XR General Strong Slim White Portion Snus online right here at SnusExpress.com!

Brands XR
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Taste Profile Classic
Strength Strong
Nicotine per Portion 10.67 mg/Port
Nicotine Content 14 mg/g
Net Weight 16 g
Portions 21
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