The Strongest Nicotine Pouches

The Strongest Nicotine Pouches

Not a day goes by that somebody doesn’t reach out to me and ask what the strongest products are on the market. Some are just curious. Some people use, and enjoy, these insanely high strength products. I have an opinion on this, which I’ll close with at the end of this article. But, for those who are wondering about this sort of thing, today we’re going to discuss it in detail. We’ll talk about strength levels, what they mean, and break down some of the strongest products on the market by examining what exactly it is that makes a product “strong”. Whether you’re new to products or someone who has been using these products for a long time, you’ve no doubt seen the wide range of products on the market.


One thing I’m thankful for when shopping on SnusExpress is that they don’t stock a lot of the random, offbeat, crazy brands out there that have insanely strong strength levels. There are some products out there that go over 100mg of nicotine, which in my opinion is incredibly irresponsible. But it is nice to see that SnusExpress takes the responsible approach and doesn’t sell products like that to people. I think it’s a good way to go, and shows a level of responsibility with the store that is impressive.



Getting to know the strength levels

When looking at strength levels, there are a lot of different numbers out there. It can be a bit confusing if you’re new to nicotine pouches, because you may find yourself wondering which strength level is right for you. At the end of this article, I’ll share my opinions and input on this. But first, we need to do a deep dive into nicotine strength and strength levels. These “scales” are in mg/g (milligram per gram) of nicotine, but we’ll cover in a minute how even that can be misleading when looking at nicotine strengths.


Light Strength - 3mg/g-6mg/g

This is a lighter level that a lot of people will pursue who don’t have a very strong nicotine craving. A lot of people who are new, especially in the US, tend to gravitate towards this strength level.


Regular Strength - 8mg/g-10mg/g

This is the “normal” strength level. Most seem to settle into this level. Personally, this is the strength level I prefer. I find it to be the most satisfactory.


Strong Level - 12mg/g-14mg/g

This is for those who want something a little stronger than the normal strength. This level is the strongest level I’ll go to for regular usage. I won’t use it pouch after pouch, but I’ll mix a few in here and there.


Extra Strong Level - 16-20mg/g

This is for those who want a nice kick, but not one that is too over the top.  For me, this is where I cap out. I’ll use an extra strong after meals, but not for regular usage.


Extreme / Super Strong Level - 22mg/g-26mg/g

This level is just a little stronger than extra strong, but for many this can blur with the extra strong level and feel about the same.


Ultra Strong Level - Over 26mg/g

This level is the strongest of the strong, top marks in nicotine strength. Here on SnusExpress, this will cap out between 33mg/g and 40mg/g for the strongest of the strong.



The differences between mg/g and mg/portion

So, you’re looking at these strength levels and trying to decipher how it all works. Back in the day, mg/g used to be a reliable scale. Most products weight a gram each. So, the mg/g level as the same as the mg/p (milligram per portion) level. But now, portion weights are all over the place. Some products way a gram.  Some weight a half a gram. Some weigh 0.7 grams. So, it’s hard to use mg/g as a determining factor in picking a product. This is why I always tell people that mg/portion is the more exact strength level when looking at how strong something is. Take 77 Pouches for example. These are 20mg/g, which would put them in the Super Strong range. However, they only have 0.5g pouches. So, you only get half of that nicotine level, 10mg, in each pouch. This means they’re actually regular strength. This is why I think it’s important to look at the mg per pouch number, so you can see how much nicotine you’re actually going to get when you use a product.



The strongest products

With all that being said, when looking at products, we’re going to look at mg/pouch when looking at what the strongest products sold here on SnusExpress are. I browsed the site and looked at products in mg/g and mg/p level to determine what the strongest of the strong were. I decided to just list the ones that would count at the extra strong level and above, but only with the mg/pouch designation. In the chart below, you’ll see both numbers, and it will show you how mg/g can actually drop a decent amount due to pouch weight.



There’s only one product on here that retains all of it’s mg/g nicotine strength, Siberia All White (the full sized 1 gram pouch version). At 33mg/g with a 1 gram pouch, you get all 33mg of nicotine in a pouch. The rest of these can tend to be all over the place. Look at Stripe. It’s 40mg/g, but with 0.5g pouches, it’s only 20mg/pouch. So while it’s stronger in mg/g than Siberia, it’s actually not as strong due to the lighter pouch weight. Again, an important reason we look at mg/pouch in the strength levels! As we see here, the Siberia range is pretty present on this list as the strongest nicotine pouches out there. But there are a few others in various ranges such as Klint, Velo, White Fox, and Pablo. So, you can ultimately find yourself in any strength mark you want based on what you’re interested in. What do I suggest? What are my thoughts? Well, let’s get into that next!



Snubie’s thoughts on nicotine strength

In 2009, I smoked 1-2 packs a day of cigarettes. When I came over to snus, I wasn’t sure what strength to use. I started with regular strength and found that too strong so I switched to light strength. Eventually, I did go back to regular strength and was able to quit smoking with those. I still, to this day, am completely satisfied with regular strength, 8mg/g products. Over the years I’ve been writing about snus and nicotine pouch products, I’ve seen even the heaviest of smokers able to quit smoking by switching to these products, and a wide majority of these products they use are under the extra strong level. This is why, for years, I’ve suggested people to start out with regular strength. If they don’t find that strong enough, bump up to strong. But not to instantly rush to the top. A lot of people do this and make this mistake.


One thing I’ve found is that when people rush to the top is that they kill their nicotine tolerance. They get stuck with these ultra strong products and can’t enjoy regular strength products. A lot of new flavors launch in lower strength products, so people may want to try these out, but find they aren’t satisfied with this strength level. That is an unfortunate side effect of rushing to the top and using crazy strong products.


One piece of advice I give people when they start using nicotine pouches is to make an order with a few different strengths in them: regular, strong, and extra strong. Try them all out. Take notes. Because eventually you’ll start to notice which strength your body is happy with. There is no one size fits all solution, so it’s good to experiment, and then you can find what works for you.


The Bottom Line

There are a lot of really strong products out there. There are a lot of light strength products. And, everything in between! One of the good things about nicotine pouches is that no matter where you fit in, you can find a strength level that works for you. I’ve gone over the range of strength levels available today, and made some of my suggestions, but ultimately the next step is up to you. My suggestion, though, is to try different levels and see what your body says, and how your body responds. Trust me, you’ll know what feels best for you, and what strength makes you happiest. But again, I want to stress, I don’t think it’s good to race to the top. These ultra strong products can work after a long day, or after a big meal, but I don’t go that strong full time. That’s my best advice, and I hope it helps! So, dive in, pack yourself up a nice order, and see what works best for you and what you enjoy most!