Snus and the Modern Gentleman: Navigating Work and Leisure

Snus and the Modern Gentleman: Navigating Work and Leisure

One of the things I’ve always loved about Swedish Snus is that it feels like a dignified product. It feels top shelf. It feels premium. It feels classy. With snus, I’ve found it isn’t awkward to figure out social norms and things like that as I did when I was a smoker. It’s easy to be a modern gentleman and also an enjoyer of quality Swedish Snus. Whether I’m transitioning from the office to the ball field, snus is a welcome addition to any pursuit that I engage in. I find it quite easy to navigate the day to day life with snus in my pocket, and in my lip, much moreso than when I was a smoker. If you’re a modern gentleman as well, you no doubt have found the feeling you get when you use Swedish Snus. When you go out for a drink and sit a snus can on the bar, it feels more classy than putting a pack of cigarettes or a can of dip on the bar. It’s a different vibe, a different feeling, a different experience. It’s a whole other level of tobacco enjoyment. 


Swedish Snus and The Office / Workplace

No matter what career field you find yourself in, whether it’s an office or a kitchen, a lumber yard or a fitness center, a hotel lobby or a tattoo shop, you know how tobacco usage is looked at. I was a smoker, so I remember the feeling of shame being a smoker in the professional world. It was hard to smoke. Most places had smoke bans. Even if I did get a smoke break, it still felt dirty. I’d come back inside from smoking and feel like everyone around me could smell me. I felt those looks of disgust when people smelled cigarette smoke on my uniform when I came back inside. Or, even when I’d mention taking a smoke break, people just did not like it. With snus, I have never felt unprofessional. As I mentioned, snus to me feels “classy”, but another way of saying it is that snus feels almost “professional”. I can go into a meeting with snus in my lip, smelling fresh and clean, and not feel any looks of disgust upon me. I can feel like a dignified gentleman no matter what audience I’m engaging with. That’s is mainly due to the discrete, spit-free nature of Swedish Snus. It makes life easier. But it also makes life feel more classy, dignified, and professional. Whether I’m working in the kitchen or working in the back office, I never feel out of place with snus. 


Swedish Snus and Athletics

I’m sure you’ve no doubt seen the meme of Tiger Woods and John Daly. If you haven’t, check this out.


It’s funny, but this is how I felt as a smoker. I felt like I just looked silly when I was out on the ball field or golf course, compared to my nonsmoking friends. I just felt tacky as a smoker. Especially on the golf course. The smell of cigarettes, the smoke itself, it just didn’t go the professional, gentlemanly aspect of playing golf. Or, on the baseball field, it just felt out of place. As a snus guy, I feel like more of an athletic gentleman. The classy feel of snus fits quite well with the athletic realm. Whether it’s baseball, golf, or tennis, no matter which of my favorite sports I’m engaged in I feel more classy than I did as a smoker. Aside from that, you definitely are a better athlete without the damage cigarettes do to your body. I’ve found my athletic performance since quitting smoking and switching to snus has been through the roof. Note, that’s not me saying nicotine is good for you. That’s just me saying cigarettes are very bad for you. And obviously not inhaling dangerous smoke, my lungs are much more happy with me.


Swedish Snus and Dating

I don’t see this talked about enough, but it should be. I’d honestly love to hear more people’s stories about this. Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of them, and many of them have jived with my personal experiences as well. Granted, I haven’t been on the dating scene in a very long time, I do remember my dating experiences as a smoker, versus when I quit smoking and started using snus. I can tell you this, as a smoker, I got a lot less second dates than I did as a snus user. Most women in my area were not very fond of men who smoked. A lot them told me smoking looked very trashy. But as a snus guy, the ones who didn’t know I was using it never had any issues. And, the ones who did know I was using snus considered it to be a lot better option than smoking. When I met my wife, I didn’t exactly put a snus can on the table, but she knew I used it. After a few months of dating and her getting more comfortable with me, I’d eventually put 2-3 cans of snus on the table when we were on dates and it worked out just fine. Honestly, when we’d go out to a nice fancy dinner, I’d bring a can of General Onyx with me (when it was made), plop it on the table, and it would still go great with whatever suit I was wearing that day. The reason for that is that snus is a classy item, and it’s something that helped me gentlemanly appeal. I’m not saying snus enhances someone to make them more of a gentleman, but I am saying it doesn’t degrade you in the way cigarettes do. 


Swedish Snus and the Classy Dad

I quit smoking when my daughter was 2 or 3 years old. So I got to experience “dad life” as a smoker, and as a nonsmoker. One thing I remember is the looks I’d get from a lot of other parents when I'd show up to events or activities as a smoker compared to how I was embraced with other parent groups as a non smoker. I used to hear parents murmur about how “trashy” it was when parents would show up to events smelling like smoke. I mean, a lot of this is unreasonable. Yeah, you shouldn’t judge people based on their habits and hobbies. But, it’s the way the world works. Part of being a part of the modern world is navigating social circles. And being a smoker, it definitely didn’t help navigating these social circles. After I quit smoking, I can recall being invited to more activities, and being more of a part of the fancy “dad life” circuit. But as a dad, I definitely didn’t feel as low on the totem pole once I quit smoking. It’s definitely a different feel. It’s a different vibe. Other parents who have experienced a lot of this know exactly what I’m talking about.


Swedish Snus and your Social Life

One of the things I can remember about quitting smoking is hearing from my friends how glad they were I quit smoking. None of my friends were smokers, so they used to not be big fans of me smoking whenever we would go out. Nowadays, most places have smoking bans. So, if you’re out with your friends they aren’t going to want to have to take smoke breaks with you or find places to smoke. Being a snus user, I’ve found my social life to be much better. A big part of being a gentleman is thinking of others, and it enables your social group to have more activities when they aren’t bound by your smoke schedule in regards to the types of activities you can do together. 

The Bottom Line

A lot of what I’ve said really focuses in on the judgement smokers get in the public sphere. Honestly, it’s kind of unfair, but it’s really just the way the world works these days. Especially in 2024, not many people smoke anymore. I’m guilty of it sometimes as well, I won’t lie. But, I try not to. Unfortunately, though, smokers aren't as common as they used to be, so there is a lot of judgement that smokers get when seen in public. Even people who vape get it, which is strange because vaping and smoking aren’t even the same thing. It’s a strange world we live in. But I can say this, compared to smoking, snus is classy. From the way the can looks, to the way you use it, it’s a much classier experience than a pack of Marlboros sitting on the bar and a ring of smoke around your head everywhere you go. Part of being a gentleman is being mindful of others, and not subjecting your friends to second hand smoke is something that makes you more of a gentleman, in my humble opinion. So, my friends, put that snus can on the bar. Sit it by your keyboard. Put it in your golf bag. And know that you are amongst a small group of classy gentleman snus enjoyers!