Review: Klint Avalanche Mint 6 Ultra Strong Slim

Review: Klint Avalanche Mint 6 Ultra Strong Slim

I’ve reviewed a few of the Klint products here and there, and today we have one of their strongest products on the market: Klint Avalanche! In the Klint family, they have a lot of mint flavors, but this is their strongest one, at strength level 6! If you’re unfamiliar with the Klint range, it’s a line of nicotine pouches made by The Habit Factory in Sweden. It’s a pretty decent line, too. I’ve found Klint to have high product quality, decent flavors, and a solid assortment and range of flavors in the family. The Habit Factory also makes Fix, which I’ve done a few reviews of here, as well. While this product is a bit strong for my personal usage, I’m still going to tackle a review of it today for all the nicotine pouch enthusiasts who enjoy these high octane products. So, let’s get into it and check this one out!



The flavor description for this one says, “Klint Avalanche Mint 6 Ultra Strong Slim – A tobacco free snus perfect for you who’s craving something intense and refreshing! These all-white and slim sized nicotine pouches deliver ultra-strong nicotine kicks (17.5 mg/portion) together with an ice-cold flavor where smooth mint is topped by a cool touch of menthol. The natural plant fiber filling used by these discreet nicopods ensures that they won’t leave any stains and that they provide a low drip experience. This minimal amount of drip enables them to deliver a satisfyingly long-lasting release of both mint and nicotine.” Each can weighs 14g and has 20 pouches, for 0.7g each. The nicotine content is 25mg/g, which may sound strong, but the 0.7g pouches bring that down to 17.5mg/pouch. But still, that is quite strong!



Opening the can, the aroma that comes through is a gentle aroma of peppermint along with some subtle tones of menthol. It’s quite fresh, and icy in nature. I don’t find it to be overly sweet, which is nice, because a lot of mint nicotine pouches can be a bit on the sweet side. The pouches are really nice. I find them to be quite soft, moist, and with a very comfortable mouthfeel. When I put one in the lip, I get a little burn at first, and then that gives way to a refreshing cooling sensation that spreads throughout the mouth. The flavor on this one is present, but not overly present. I find the mint character to be pretty refreshing. It’s not overly sweet, so that gets this one some bonus points. The flavor is mostly peppermint, but it’s rounded by a light, icy touch of menthol. Now, the nicotine strength. This one is quite strong. I don’t want to bury that lead. To me, it feels to be around the extra strong mark, and kicks at every bit of that level! If you don’t use a lot of strong products, be prepared, this one really delivers. The flavor lasts a solid 30-40 minutes, as well.


The Bottom Line


The flavor on this one is pretty enjoyable. It’s a little strong for me personally, but that’s okay! If you like the Klint Mint flavor, they have it available in multiple strength levels, so it’s truly accessible to everyone! But, if you’re someone who likes an icy taste, a high product quality, and a high nicotine kick, you’re going to be quite pleased with this one. If you’ve never had Klint, or their sister line Fix, I’d definitely suggest checking it out. It’s a pretty solid product line!


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