Review: Ignite Wintergreen Nicotine Pouches

Review: Ignite Wintergreen Nicotine Pouches

I recently stumbled across a new line of nicotine pouches called “Ignite”. These are made by a company called SWP Sweden AB. I wasn’t too familiar with this brand, so I went to their website. There’s more info there about them: “Each pouch undergoes rigorous third-party testing, guaranteeing a superior and secure experience in line with our relentless pursuit of quality and safety. Inspired by Dan Bilzerian's pursuit of the extraordinary, our white pouches encapsulate the audacity and boldness that defines IGNITE”. Honestly, I’m not sure who Dan Bilzerian is, so I had to Google him. He’s an online poker play, actor, and behind the Ignite brand. So, that’s pretty interesting! They have a wide assortment of flavors, and today we have the Wintergreen version to talk about!


The Ignite line has a pretty wide assortment of flavors, so I have a few that I’ll be reviewing in the future. I wanted to start with the wintergreen one to mix it up a bit and have a little fun with this one! So, let’s get into this review and check it out, shall we?



The product description for this one says, “Ignite Wintergreen Strong Slim – A tobacco free and all-white snus perfect for you who want something stimulating and refreshing! Its discreet and slim sized nicotine pouches deliver strong nicotine kicks together with a minty flavor of wintergreen. The filling used consists of a natural plant fiber mix. This high-quality mix ensures that these nicopods offer a low-drip and stain-free experience. The man behind Ignite is Dan Bilzerian, and the brand’s nicotine pouches are manufactured in Sweden by IP International AB”. Each can weighs 14g and has 20 pouches, for 0.7g each. The nicotine content is 18mg/g, which breaks down to 12.6mg/pouch.



Opening the can, the aroma that came through was pretty surprising. To me, it smells a lot like root beer. It is interesting, because root beer and wintergreen have some of the same chemical components. But the aroma that came through wasn’t so much wintergreen, as it was a smooth, slightly sweet root beer presence. The pouch is nice and slim, with a decent amount of moisture. Under the lip, it’s pretty soft, and comfortable. The flavor release is pretty quick, too! I get a little cooling presence under the lip, and an almost light minty character in the mouth. The taste is more in line with root beer than wintergreen. It’s a pretty interesting flavor, that’s for sure. In the nicotine department, this one feels to be about the strong level, so it’s not too much and not too little; a decent delivery! The flavor lasts a solid 30-40 minutes, on average.

The Bottom Line

Going into this one, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Wintergreen is hit and miss for me, so I was unsure what I’d be getting. But, it surprised me when I opened the can and tasted a pouch to see it didn’t really taste like wintergreen, but more so root beer! Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. I will say if you’re expecting wintergreen it may taste different from other wintergreen products you’ve had before. If you like root beer, however, I think you’re going to enjoy this one. It was quite different than what I expected and I found myself really enjoying this one as I went through this can and did some background on this review. I’d definitely suggest checking it out!


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