Review: General XR Nicotine Pouches

Review: General XR Nicotine Pouches

One thing I’ve noticed about nicotine pouches is that the category tends to have a lot of sweet, fruity, and minty flavors. For folks like me who are more traditional and like gentle, mild tastes, there hasn’t been a lot of products available for us. Until now! Today, we come to one that appeases those looking for a traditional flavor profile: General XRANGE Nicotine Pouches! When I first heard about this one, I was a bit nervous. Back in 2021, Swedish Match released XRANGE Free From Tobacco Nicotine Pouches. The flavor of that one was….interesting. Not one I enjoyed, to say the least. When I heard they were making another one and it carried the General branding on it, I was even more nervous. General is my favorite snus, and I wasn’t sure how they spicy tobacco/bergamot flavor profile would translate to a nicotine pouch. Would this one be a General Snus clone? Would it be something different? Well, today we’re going to open a can of it and do a full review! So, let’s get to know this product a little better, then I’ll put a pouch in and tell you all about it.



The product details for this one says, “Are you a fan of the iconic General Snus flavor and looking for a tobacco free alternative? Look no further than XR General Slim Nicotine Pouches! This all-white snus comes in the shape of discreet and slim sized nicotine pouches, and it delivers medium strong nicotine kicks (6.5 mg/portion) together with a nuanced flavor of bergamot topped by hints of lime, orange and a subtle dash of ginger. The natural plant fiber filling used by these comfortable nicotine pouches consists of natural plant fibers. A high-quality filling that ensures that they won’t stain and that they offer a low-drip experience”. Each can weighs 14 grams with 20 pouches in the can weighing 0.7 grams each,. The nicotine content sits right at 9.28mg/g, which breaks down to 6.5mg per pouch!



Okay, here we go! Opening up the can, I notice the aroma to be pretty mild, and straightforward. It isn’t overly sweet, either, which is nice. I pick up bergamot up front, along with hints of pepper, and a little bit of lime and orange in the background. I find the pouches to have a nice slim size, and to be pretty soft to the touch. They have a decent moisture amount to them, as well. Under the upper lip they’re very soft and comfortable sitting against my gum. The flavor profile on this one was quite surprising. While it wasn’t a clone of General Snus, I could tell this nicotine pouch drew inspiration from the traditional flavor profile of General Snus. It has an interesting balance of bergamot and lime to it, along with a subtle hint of pepper. It almost has a tea-like flavor to it, which is pretty interesting. In the nicotine department, this one is close to regular strength, but feels slightly less strong than that. It has a decent delivery to it, but it’s not one that is super strong. Nothing wrong with that in my book! The flavor also has a decent amount of life to it.


The Bottom Line

All in all, I was pretty impressed with this one. One of the problems I’ve found with the nicotine pouch category is that most of the flavors are too sweet. Too minty. Too fruity. There aren’t really any products out there for folks who like traditional, mild, balanced flavors. This is one that definitely fills that hole. I was nervous going into this one, but after trying it, I found myself to be pretty impressed with the flavor. The way it came across was quite nice, and is one that you could use full time as your all day, every day pouch. Kudos to Swedish Match, they made a quite tasty pouch with this one!

You can try the General XR Nicotine Pouches here at SnusExpress!

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