Review: Al Capone Vanilla

Review: Al Capone Vanilla

I haven’t had these products in a long time, but I’ve been looking through some older products that have slipped by me and doing reviews on them. Al Capone is a pretty neat little line of products. If you’ve ever had ON! Nicotine Pouches before, the can is just like that one. It’s not your traditional can, it’s actually square. These have a really neat pocket factor. Also, they’re fun to save and use for other products in the future. So, today we’re checking out Al Capone’s Vanilla flavor. There aren’t a lot of vanilla products on the market, and certainly none in the mini size, so this is a pretty unique product. I like the flavor of vanilla, and find it a great flavor to pair with tobacco. With that being said, let’s get into this review and check out this snus!


The flavor description for this one says, “Al Capone Vanilla Mini Dry by Råå S AB is discreet, stimulating and flavorsome! Its comfortable and mini sized snus portions has mild tobacco blends and they deliver strong nicotine kicks (8 mg/portion) together with a sweet and smooth vanilla flavor.The dry surfaces of its white portions ensures that they drip minimally. This minimal amount of drip lengthens in turn their release of both flavor and nicotine.” Each can weighs 6 grams and contains 20 portions, for 0.3 grams each. The nicotine content is 26mg/g. I know, that sounds like a lot, but with the 0.3 gram pouch size that actually breaks down to just 7.98mg per portion.

One quick note before the review, the catch lid on this one is on the bottom of the can. It’s a little different, but pretty neat compared to others. This is, if you’re new to these products, a quick place you can discard of your used pouches if you aren’t near a trash receptacle. Now, let’s get into the review!


Opening the can, you’ll notice these are smaller pouches. They also are quite dry, meaning there is no moisture to these at all. So, touching them you’ll find them to be kind of stuff. But don’t worry, in time they’ll get more soft under your lip. The aroma that comes through when I open the can is pretty nice. The vanilla aroma is warm, mild, and slightly sweet. Under the lip, the pouch will start to soften up after a few minutes, as it gets more moist with your saliva. I usually use two of these, mainly because I don’t use a lot of mini portions. But, if you use mini portions I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with just one. The flavor is a milder one, but does get more present as time goes by. The vanilla taste is pretty enjoyable. It’s a warm, almost baked type of flavor. The vanilla is pretty natural, and lightly sweet, but not overly so. With one pouch under the lip, I find the nicotine strength to be about the regular level, and pretty comfortable in delivery. The flavor itself hangs out about 35-40 minutes, on average.

The Bottom Line

All in all, not a bad product. Not something I’d personally use, mind you, but not all products are for me. However, if you’re someone who likes the mini size pouch, I think you’ll enjoy this one. It is a little dryer, but some people are into the dry type of pouch. If you’re looking for something different, or with a more unique flavor, I think you’ll be pretty satisfied with this one. It’s certainly a unique one, and to me, that is something that makes a product stand out!

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