Kaliber+ Stark Original Portion

Kaliber+ Stark Original Portion

Today, we’re checking out my favorite product in the Kaliber line made by Swedish Match! This is Kaliber+ Stark Original Portion. I’ve been a big fan of this snus since it launched back in 2016. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been around almost a decade! This is one of those products that I don’t use on a daily basis, but it’s one I keep in my freezer for whenever I get a craving for it. Kaliber is viewed as a budget line, but this one has a really interesting, unique flavor. It’s a complex one, but it works really well in how it comes across. The regular white portion Kapten is a nice one if you like General, but if you want a more rich, in depth flavor this original portion is going to hit a different mark. So, if you’ve never had the Kaliber series before, we’re going to dive into it today and I’ll tell you what makes this such a tasty snus!



The flavor description for this one says, “Kaliber Plus Stark Original is a solid great-value snus both when it comes to its flavor and nicotine content (10 mg/portion). It has a dark tobacco character and flavor with tones of bergamot and lingonberries that are rounded off with light hints of cacao and Seville orange. A robust and nuanced burst of flavor that is accompanied by a strong nicotine kick. Its well-filled original snus portions have humidified surfaces for a powerful and instant release of both flavor and nicotine”. Each can weighs 18 grams and has 20 pouches, for 0.9 gram pouches. The nicotine content is 11mg/g, which breaks down to 9.9mg per pouch.



I’ve been reviewing a lot of nicotine pouches lately so it’s nice to sit down with an actual snus today! Nothing wrong with nicotine pouches, don’t get me wrong. But, I’m a snus guy, I love snus, so it’s what I’m most excited to talk about. When you open up the can, a nice, dark tobacco aroma comes through. It’s accompanied by sour hints of citrus, along with a nice hint of berry. The pouches are nice and moist, and plump, with a great feel in the lip. They also have a nice flavor release to them, too. The flavor profile on this one is quite good. It’s complex, but well rounded. The tobacco base comes through clearly, and is rich, dark, and earthy in nature. The citrus flavor comes through pretty clearly, and is slightly tart, and bitter. But the star of the show is the lingonberry. Lingonberry is such a nice taste that is often overlooked in the world of snus. It’s a nice, tart berry taste that works well with the citrus and the tobacco. In the nicotine department, this one feels to be around regular strength. I know it’s called “stark” or “strong”, but to me it feels to be around the regular level in delivery. The flavor lasts a good 40-45 minutes, on average.

The Bottom Line

All in all, this is a really good snus. It’s been one of my favorites for many years. The flavor of citrus and lingonberry and rich tobacco works really well together.  If you’ve never had this one before, it’s one you owe to yourself to check out. The entire Kaliber line is good but the original portion versions are my favorite. If you like regular General, you may like the white portion version.  But, if you want something with a more rich, complex flavor, you’re definitely going to want to try the original portion version.


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