Fix Watermelon Ice Nicotine Pouches Review

Fix Watermelon Ice Nicotine Pouches Review

The Fix line is a new-ish line of nicotine pouches that launched in the Fall of 2023. Brought forth by The Habit Factory, makers of the Klint Nicotine Pouches series, these have the same high product quality that you’ll experience with Klint, but with something different. The entire Fix line is a range of fusion flavors. So, with Fix you’re going to get high quality products, but some interesting flavor profiles. Today, we have one that blends icy/minty flavors along with fruity/sweet flavors. We’re going to be checking out Fix Watermelon Ice today! This is one that is going to blend the fresh, sweet taste of watermelon along with the icy, refreshing taste of mint. Mint and other flavors don’t always blend well, so it will be interesting to see how the folks at The Habit Factory have brought their take on to the market and how well it translates! I’ve found mixing mint and other tastes can be quite good, or it can come across quite bad. It will be interesting to see exactly how this one translates! 



The product description for this one says, “FIX Watermelon Ice 5 Slim – Tobacco free and all-white snus loaded with power and refreshingly tasty flavors! Its discreet and slim sized nicotine pouches deliver extra strong nicotine kicks together with a fruity and sweet watermelon flavor that is topped by an icy dash of menthol! The filling used by these comfortable nicopods consists of natural plant fibers. A high-quality filling that ensures that they offer a low-drip and stain-free experience”. Each can weighs 14 grams and has 20 pouches for 0.7 grams each. The nicotine content sits at 16.4mg/g, which breaks down to 11.48mg/pouch. Not quite regular strength, not quite strong, but somewhere in the middle.



Opening the can, the aroma of watermelon is quite present and can quickly fill the room. It’s natural, lightly sweet, and has a nice presence to it. In the aroma, I don’t notice a lot of mint, but I do notice a fresh presence to it. The pouches themselves are rally nice. The Habit Factory makes a really nice high quality to them. To me, they’re a lot like Velo’s pouches. They’re slim, moist and soft. They have a great mouthfeel to them, and a great flavor release. When I put one in, I get a little cooling sensation, which is pretty nice. The flavor releases pretty quickly with this one, too. In the taste, it isn’t super minty. I do notice a refreshing presence in my mouth, but not a big minty taste. The watermelon taste is the heavy hitter, coming through in a natural, fresh, beautiful way. It’s icy, but not minty. If that makes sense. It is more about how it feels than how it tastes. In the nicotine strength, this one feels to be a little over regular strength, but it’s not too over the top strong. The flavor longevity is also pretty satisfactory, hanging out a good 35-40 minutes, on average.

The Bottom Line

I was pretty pleased with this one. The flavor was the main star of the show, and I was pleased to see that it wasn’t overly minty. The watermelon flavor is sweet but not too sweet. It’s a great summer taste, but I found it to be a pouch you can really enjoy any time of the year. If you like fruity tastes, particularly melon flavors, I think this is one you’re definitely going to want to try out when you put in your next order!


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