Creating the Perfect Snus Den: Designing Your Relaxation Space

Creating the Perfect Snus Den: Designing Your Relaxation Space

Whether you’re a single guy, or you have a cool significant other, there’s no doubt you’ve thought about having a “man cave” or a “she shed”. A place where you can relax and be. If you’re a snus or nicotine pouch user you may have thought about creating your own little Snus Den! Over the past 15 years, I’ve cultivated a pretty nice one, myself. Thankfully, Mrs. Snubie has been cool with it. It’s a labor of love, and something you can put a lot of time into! You can do it cheap, or you can spend a lot. That part is up to you. But if you’re as passionate about snus as I am, this is something that has no doubt crossed your mind! Today, I’m going to break down all the important essentials I think a proper snus den needs. From enjoying snus, to storing snus, we’re going to go right down the line and I’ll make a lot of recommendations about things that I think you should have in your snus den!


Proper Portion Disposal

You want your snus den to be tidy. At least, that’s how I keep mine. But, I’m sure you no doubt don’t want to have snus portions or used nicotine pouches littered all over the place. This can be solved with a simple trash can, sure. Or, by using the catch lid on your snus can. I once used an empty Pringles can to discard of my used portions. However, Mrs. Snubie recently grabbed this for me, and it’s been probably one of my favorite accessories in forever. This is designed to be a pencil holder, but I use it for used snus portions. I mean, look at it! It looks like a trash bin. And, the lid opens and closes on it, so you can put your used portions in there and nobody will be the wiser. Also, I’ve ran this through the dishwasher before, so it’s pretty easy to clean out. It’s small, table or desk size, and looks super neat. I have the red one, but they do make them in other colors. I found my Wheelie Bin Pencil Holder at Dollar Tree.

Snus Cold Storage - Mini Fridge

It’s no secret that snus is best when it is cold. It also helps your snus last longer! Before I break down these accessories, let me break down my simple rules for how to store and enjoy snus.

Snubie’s Snus Storage Guidelines

1.      If you’ll use it by the Best Before date, refrigerate it.

2.     If you won’t use it by the Best Before date, freeze it.

3.     Once a can is open, don’t take it in and out of cold storage as they affects the quality.

With that being said, there are a few ways you could go with this. First, you could buy a traditional mini fridge. You could store snus in there, as well as beverages! By having a fridge like this easily accessible, you’ll have cold snus within arms reach!


Snus Cold Storage - General Branded Mini Fridge

You’ve no doubt seen the wide array of General Snus fridges out there. I’ve bought a few myself over the years. The one pictured is one of the mini-mini fridges. But, they also have the bigger ones that can store almost 80 cans in them. These can be pricy, or they can be cheap. But, they’re always out there. Really, you don’t have to have one of these to store your snus in, but they do make a neat accessory if you can find them for sale.


Long Term Snus Freezing - Chest Freezer

If you buy snus in bulk like I do, a chest freezer is a must have. You can get a big one, or you can get a smaller one. I have a smaller one myself, and I’ve always had space in there for all the snus I freeze. Obviously with this you may want to invest in a vacuum sealer. It’s not required, but it does help keep your snus more fresh. And if you have a significant other that wants to use the freezer for food, having one of these for yourself makes things a lot easier on the household! They also don’t draw too much energy. We have two chest freezers, one for snus and one for food. But this is a great accessory to have in your snus den.


Decor - General Signage

Decor is a must-have for a proper snus den. Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of signage. Some I’ve found that local tobacco stores were throwing out. Here, we have a metal sign pictured that I found with General branding. Usually most of what you’ll find is General snus branded, but from time to time you can find other stuff. I’ve found neon light-up signs before.


Decor - Zyn Signage

I wanted to throw this in for the nicotine pouch users we have reading this blog. You can find all sorts of metal signs and light-up signs. Here is a simple metal sign I found for $49.99. This is usually on the higher end, as I’ve seen these before much lower than this. I wouldn't spend over $50 on a sign, personally. But, if you use nicotine pouches it’s a nice option for your snus (or nicotine pouch) den.


Decor - Posters

We’ve talked about metal signs, but posters are also a great option to add to your snus den! Red Bubble is a great option, as they have all sorts of posters there. This is one of my favorites. I actually have this shirt, and this poster. There are a pretty wide array of designs on there that you can find and get shipped to you. Another option is making your own, if you’re into graphic design. You could easily throw a design together and have your local print shop run it off for you. But, if you don’t do graphic design, it’s pretty easy to find these posters out there.


Reading Material - Snus Books

A must have for your snus den is "Snus!: The Complete Guide to Brands, Manufacturing, and Art of Enjoying Smokeless Tobacco", a book by Mats Johnson. There is an English translation of this available now, too. While it’s not super current, it is pretty accurate. I believe it’s a 2019-2020 book, so it does have a lot of the current brands available. This book is a fun read, and is something you definitely want to put on your coffee table. Or, snus table.

The Bottom Line

This is just some of the recommendations I have, but if you go off this list you’re sitting at about $382.22 - $433.20 USD. Obviously you don’t have to have all of it, but as you can see you can set up a proper snus den for under $500 USD! Whether you’re single or have a super cool significant other, it’s a nice relaxation space, that’s for sure. I film Snubie videos in mine, but I will also go out there and sit and relax, enjoy a prilla of snus, and watch some TV. You can really do it up if you add a couch, a TV, and some video game consoles. That makes a proper snus den, but you can keep it simple in a section of your house with the items listed above. Good luck on building your own, proper snus den! You’ll find it to be quite a nice, relaxing space.