On! Mint 6

Nicotine Pouches

Taste Profile




Nicotine Content

19 mg/g

Net Weight

6.4 g

Incredibly discreet, tobacco free & all-white mini-nicotine pouches from on! with a cool mint flavor & satisfyingly strong nicotine kicks (6 mg/portion).

Got a fondness for fresh mint and looking for something clean and discreet? Then you're in luck because on! Mint 6 Nicotine Pouches got you covered.These white and dry mini nicotine pouches are 100% tobacco free and uses cellulose powder as filling instead. They provide the same feeling and flavor sensation as any regular swedish snus, but you don’t have to keep them refrigerated in order to for them to stay fresh. The dryness (5% moisture content) minimizes the dripp drastically, which results in a longer release of its cool mint flavor and stimulation nicotine (6 mg/portion) release. on! Mint 6 Nicotine Pouches is a discreet, comfortable and flavorsome alternative to cigarettes and other nicotine products that provides a  stimulating and refreshing experience with every pouch.Get your can of on! Mint 3 Nicotine Pouches online at SnusExpress.com.

Brands On!
Manufacturer Råå S
Taste Profile Fresh
Strength Extra Strong
Nicotine per Portion 6.08 mg/Port
Nicotine Content 19 mg/g
Net Weight 6.4 g
Portions 20
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