Nico Lash Glacier X Mint Ultra Strong Slim





15 mg/g



Net Weight

16 g

Nico Lash, the ultimate all-white experience packed with nicotine and incredibly fresh mint-flavors!

These minty, tobacco free and all-white snus portions offer one of the most stimulating nicotine pouch-experience on the market! Nico Lash Glacier X Mint Ultra Strong Slim from the Swedish manufacturer The Snus Factory delivers a refreshing, ice-biting and intensely cooling menthol-peppermint flavor. A minty explosion that is enhanced by an ultra-strong nicotine kick (12 mg/portion). Its discreet and slim nicotine pouches use a filling that consists of natural plant fibers. A high-quality filling that eliminates any potential risk of them leaving stain on your teeth while it also minimizes their level of drip. This low amount of drip lengthens in turn the stimulating and intense release of both flavor and nicotine. Nico Lash Glacier X Mint Ultra Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches – a discreet, nicotine packed and mint flavored powerhouse that you now can order online right here at!

Brands Nico
Category Slim Nicotine Pouches
Manufacturer The Snus Factory
Net Weight 16 g
Nicotine 15 mg/g
Nicotine/Portion 12 mg/Port
Portion 20
Strength Strong
Taste Fresh
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