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Welcome to Snus Express!

Buy your Swedish snus online at Snus Express. We sell Swedish snus, known for its low contents of nitrosamines, compared to other smokeless tobacco products.

We are your online snus shop with express delivery!

Please note that we may not ship to customers residing within the European Union (EU).

Nick & Johnny Small Batch No5 - Slim White Licorice
Nick & Johnny Small Batch No5 - Slim White Licorice

The first Nick & Johnny Small Batch edition, called No.5, is medium-strength slim white portion ...

Shipping weight: 40 gram

1 Can 4,17  EUR
5 Cans 20,33  EUR
10 Cans 36,99  EUR
Nick and Johnny Snus
Skruf Portion Mix - 10 Cans
Skruf Portion Mix - 10 Cans
Mix: 10 Variations of Skruf Portion Snus

10 cans:

1 x Skruf Original ...

Shipping weight: 390 gram
1 Pcs 33,95  EUR
Skruf Snus
Thunder Flavor Mix - 8 cans
Thunder Flavor Mix - 8 cans
8 flavor variations of Thunder Extra Strong to try and enjoy!

8 cans

1 ...

Shipping weight: 300 gram
1 Pcs 18,25  EUR
Thunder Snus
Mix - New Portion Snus - 10 Cans
Mix - New Portion Snus - 10 Cans
Mix: New Portion Snus

10 cans

1 x General G.3 Slim Extra Strong Porton ...

Shipping weight: 350 gram
1 Pcs 26,39  EUR
Mortar Snus Syringe - For Loose Snus
Mortar Snus Syringe - For Loose Snus
Portioning tool for loose snus, made of plastic and easy to work with. Perfect for ...

Shipping weight: 20 gram
1 Pcs 4,55  EUR
Thunder Frosted Mix - 8 cans
Thunder Frosted Mix - 8 cans
Variations of Thunder Frosted... which one will be your favorite? Enjoy!

8 ...

Shipping weight: 270 gram
1 Pcs 20,97  EUR
Thunder Snus
Gotlands Easter Snus 2015 Portion
Gotlands Easter Snus 2015 Portion
Limited Edition 2015: Gotlands Easter snus has a very delicious flavor of orange chocolate, a ...

Shipping weight: 40 gram
1 Can 3,81  EUR
5 Cans 17,53  EUR
10 Cans 31,74  EUR
Gotlands Snus
Oden's Extreme Double Mint White Dry Portion
Oden's Extreme Double Mint White Dry Portion

Oden's Extreme Double Mint White Dry Portion - pro-longed extreme experience with dry white ...

Shipping weight: 30 gram

1 Can 2,59  EUR
5 Cans 12,55  EUR
10 Cans 23,02  EUR
Odens Snus
03 Slim White Normal Strength Strong Effect Portion Snus
03 Slim White Normal Strength Strong Effect Portion Snus

The Lab 03 Slim White Normal Strength Strong Effect is a regular strength snus giving the effect ...

Shipping weight: 40 gram

1 Can 3,84  EUR
5 Cans 18,81  EUR
10 Cans 34,27  EUR
14 Cans 34,27  EUR
The Lab Series Snus

Swedish Snus

Swedish snus or Swedish snuff as it is called by some, is a smokeless tobacco product that you place under your upper lip. It is a completely different product than American dip and other forms of oral tobacco. Snus comes in two main formats: portion packed or loose weight. Portion packed snus is pre-portioned in small pouches (several sizes and formats are available) - it is the most popular variation and very easy to handle. Loose snus is a moist powder, which is being formed into portions (in Swedish: prilla) by hand. It is therefore more suitable for advanced users. Snus is available in many different nicotine levels and flavors. The nicotine content varies between just three or so milligrams up to a current maximum of 22 mg per gram of snus. Currently, the strong variations are the most popular ones. Many of our customers use snus as an alternative to cigarettes, as you can use it anyware and it does not affect others around you. A large number of our customers uses snus to quit smoking. Snus is a simple tobacco product - but do you know how to use Swedish snus? You put in under your upper lip and you do not have to spit like when using other smokeless tobacco products. You keep it in your mouth for 15 minutes up to several hours, depending on personal preference.

Tobacco harm reduction

Nearly everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, but a lot of people still smoke in order to get nicotine from tobacco. Few people realize that it is the smoke, not the nicotine or the tobacco that causing most harm. The dominant message to smokers is that they must quit or die – there are no other options. This is simply not true. There are other options for people who cannot or will not stop using nicotine.

Using modern smokeless tobacco products like Swedish snus, can reduce the risks of tobacco use by about 99% compared to smoking. These products include Swedish snus and chewing tobacco. And you do not have to chew and spit – many modern products require no spitting and are as easy to use as a breath mint. Using pharmaceutical nicotine products would probably provide a similar reduction, but unfortunately, the available nicotine patches and gums are not designed to be good long-term alternatives to tobacco.



We sell snus many countries worldwide, but e. g. not to EU countries. You can order snus to the U.S. and receive it within only a couple of days, depending on where in the U.S. you live. We ship almost all orders within 24 hours (on business days) from the time you place your order, and most often even faster.

We carry a wide range of snus like Phantom, General, Catch, Lucky Strike, Ettan, Göteborg Rape and Offroad snus. Many snus reviews are availible online and you could find very much snus information.
SnusExpress carries both cheap snus and more expensive brands, and you can order snus online. Buy snus at snus express and get express delivery.
Our snus shop is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we ship snus from Monday to Friday, except for national holidays here in Sweden, when the postal service and UPS do not pick up packages. If you buy snus today, you could have it as soon as tomorrow, depending on where in the world you live, as we sell snus worldwide.

Snus shop

SnusExpress is a cheap snus store and has been in the market of selling snus on the internet for a number of years now. All products on our website are bought directly from the manufacturers, and therefore are of the highest quality, taste and freshness available online today. As all our Swedish snus is brought directly and extremely large quantities, we are able to pass on savings to our customers, who are ordering their products online. You can therefore purchase genuine trademark brands at extremely low prices, and still be guaranteed to receive top quality goods from our snus shop. Snus Express takes pride in offering the best quality products and support available and our customer support team is ready and waiting for any question or queries you might have.

General  is an old Swedish brand and is being produced since 1915. More about General snus. Mocca  is a mini portion brand from Fiedler and Lundgreen. Ettan was introduced in Sweden in 1822. Originally, it was manufactured by Ljunglöf, the well known snus producer. More about Ettan snus. Göteborg Rape is a portion snus with a flowery character and tobacco flavor. More about Göteborg Rape. Offroad snus is the new brand on the snus market. Lauched in 2007 is available in loose and portionsnus and all in many different tastes. See more about Offroad snus

Read more about snus at snus information. You can also read about swedish artglass.

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