Skruf Snus – A Swedish snus craftmanship

Skruf Snus is a brand with its roots in the Swedish province of Småland and the town of Sävsjö that was launched in 2003, and that has since then grown to one of the biggest player on the snus market. Skruf offers a big and varied selection of both snus and tobacco free nicotine pouches available in different flavors, strengths and portion sizes.

The snus from Skruf

Skruf was founded by Adam Gillberg and Jonas Engwall with one clear and ambitious goal in mind, to challenge Swedish Match that for a long-time had been the undisputed king of the snus-hill. So how did they go about to reach this goal and what was their plan for Skruf? The plan was actually quite simple, producing high-quality snus with a fresh and modern image. When Skruf was launched it wasn’t only the snus that created headlines, but also Skruf’s snus cans thanks to their stylish and norm breaking design. At the time the color of snus cans where often dark and toned down, making Skruf’s white cans to real crowd pleasers.

Today the manufacturing of Skruf is located in Skruf’s factory close by Sävsjö. Skruf produces its snus by using carefully selection tobacco and the latest manufacturing methods. In Skruf’s selection you’ll find snus that come in most types: Loose Snus, Original Portion and White Portion. They´re available in the sizes: Super Slim, Slim and Regular. Skruf’s strengths ranges from Medium Strong all the way up to Ultra Strong.

The snus from Skruf, broadly speaking, come with two different flavor profiles. The traditional and tobacco centric Original and the refreshingly minty Fresh. Original has a well-rounded and a bit spicy tobacco character and flavor that is topped with tones of rose oil and a touch of bergamot. The Skruf Snus with the Original flavor are available in following types: Loose Snus, Original Portion and White Portion. They come in different strengths and portion sizes. Skruf Fresh use the same tobacco blend, but tops it with clear and refreshing tones of mint instead. The Skruf Fresh Snus come in Slim and Super Slim white portions available in varying strengths.

Skruf’s Nicotine Pouches – Skruf Super White

Skruf Super White is a tobacco free series of snus from Skruf that was launched in 2018. Skruf Super White offers discreet and all-white snus with slim nicotine pouches that use fillings that consist of natural plant fibers. A high-quality type of filling that ensures that these nicopods won’t stain neither your saliva nor teeth while it also makes sure that they provide a low drip experience, which in turn results in a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine. Skruf Super White and its nicotine pouches come in the sizes Super Slim and Slim, and they’re available in different flavors and strengths.

Skruf Super White has (just like Skruf’s traditional snus) the flavor Fresh, this time without any underlaying taste of tobacco. Only refreshing, cool and crisp mint. Skruf Super White Fresh come in different strengths and portion sizes. In Skruf’s tobacco free and all-white selection you’ll also find slim nicotine pouches with flavors such as blackberry, black currant and licorice.

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