Siberia Extremely Strong Slim White Dry

White Portion




43 mg/g



Net Weight

13 g


Experience Siberia Snus’ extremely strong kicks and popular mint flavor, here with discreet, white and low drip portions!

Siberia Extremely Strong Slim White Dry – The intense Siberia Experience, now with slim and discreet portions! This powerful snus from the manufacturer GN Tobacco delivers some of the strongest nicotine kicks in the world (43 mg/g!) together with a refreshing spearmint flavor over a light tobacco base. The dry surfaces of its white and slim snus portions ensures that they drip minimally, which makes sure that they provide a satisfyingly long-lasting release both mint and nicotine. You can now buy the ultra-strong, minty and discreet Siberia Extremely Strong Slim White Dry Portion Snus online right here at!

Brands Siberia
Category Slim White Portion
Manufacturer GN-Tobacco (Gajane)
Net Weight 13 g
Nicotine 43 mg/g
Nicotine/Portion 27.95 mg/Port
Portion 20
Strength Ultra Strong
Taste Fresh
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