Puck Spearing Extra Strong Slim

White Portion




23 mg/g



Net Weight

13 g

Special Price US$2.15

Ultimate freshness and powerful kicks in a discreet way! This slim portion snus from Puck delivers extra strong kicks together with a cool menthol-spearmint flavor.

Special Price US$2.15
Puck Spearing Extra Strong – Now as a discreet slim portion snus! With Puck Spearing Extra Strong Slim you’ll experience a thrilling combination of stimulating nicotine and refreshing mint. This Puck snus has a spicy tobacco character, and it delivers a cool flavor of Swiss menthol and sweet spearmint together with extra strong and powerful nicotine kick (15 mg/portion). The manufacturer The Snus Factory has skillfully designed these slim portions to offer an optimal fit. Their white character and dry surfaces ensure that they provide a low drip experience, something that lengthens their energetic and icy release of nicotine and mint. You can now buy your can or roll of the discreet, nicotine packed and minty Puck Spearing Extra Strong Slim Portion Snus online right here at SnusExpress.com!

Brands Puck
Category Slim White Portion
Manufacturer The Snus Factory
Net Weight 13 g
Nicotine 23 mg/g
Nicotine/Portion 14.95 mg/Port
Portion 20
Strength Extra Strong
Taste Fresh
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