General Extra Strong Original

Original Portion






14 mg/g

Net Weight

22 g

An original portion snus from General perfect for you who want that classic General Snus experience, but with a bit more power! It delivers extra strong kicks together with General’s iconic flavor of spicy tobacco and bergamot!

General Extra Strong Original – An original portion snus from General and the manufacturer Swedish Match that offer a traditional snus- and flavor experience while it packs a bit more power! It has a spicy tobacco character and flavor that is topped by a touch of bergamot and is rounded off with subtle hints of green herbs, leather and licorice. An iconic and tobacco centric burst of flavor that is accompanied and enhanced by an extra strong nicotine kick (15.5 mg/portion). The humidified surfaces of its well-filled original portions ensure that they provide an instant and powerful release of both flavor and nicotine. You can now buy the traditional flavored and stimulating General Extra Strong Original Portion Snus online right here at!

Brands General
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Category Regular Original Portion
Taste Classic
Strength Strong
Nicotine/Portion 15.4 mg/Port
Nicotine 14 mg/g
Net Weight 22 g
Portion 20
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