Artisan Summer Chili Mango Slim (Ltd. Edition)

Original Portion






22 mg/g

Net Weight

14 g

A limited edition snus from Artisan Snus that delivers extra strong nicotine kicks together with a summery taste of mango, peach and chili over a dark and robust tobacco blend.

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Artisan Summer Chili Mango Slim (Ldt. Edition) is an original portion snus designed by Chad “Snubie” Jones together with The Snus Factory that uses the power of nostalgia to create something new, unique and delicious! This Artisan snus has a dark and robust tobacco character, and it treats you to a fruity flavor experience where you’re first greeted by juicy mango and hints of ripe peaches which is then finished of by a light touch of spicy chili. A nuanced and summery burst of flavor that is enhanced by a powerful and extra strong nicotine kick (15.4 mg/portion).

Its original snus portions are slim sized for an optimal fit, and they have humidified surfaces that results in an instant release of both flavor and nicotine. The tobacco leaves used are grown in Central America and Asia, and they’re carefully selected to ensure absolute highest quality.

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Brands Artisan
Category Slim Original Portion
Manufacturer The Snus Factory
Net Weight 14 g
Nicotine 22 mg/g
Nicotine/Portion 15.4 mg/Port
Portion 20
Strength Extra Strong
Taste Spicy
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