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Olde Ving Fudge

Olde Ving Fudge

1 Can $2.79
10 Cans $25.80

Price per Can: $2.58

40 Cans $92.88

Price per Can: $2.32

Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)
Tobacco weight (g): 20
Portions / Can: 20
Available Since: 2020
Shipping Weight (g): 37
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Fudge
Nicotine (mg/g): 9.0
Flavor Group: Fruity
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Seven H profile image

Snus Knight


Very nice

At first the aroma and flavour remind me of those "scratch and sniff" stickers I used to get when I was a kid, not chocolate but something close and sweet. After a few minutes when the pouch started to drip I definitely noticed that fudge flavour but I can also detect notes of coconut as well as the salt and tobacco. Don't expect it to taste like chocolate but give it a try. I will definitely be buying this snus again. I only wish it came in strong white portions.

    Ting Yuan C profile image

    Snus Emperor


    Great mild snus

    Smells great

      Zachary W profile image

      Snus Esquire


      Interesting Flavor

      This snus is pretty neat. The hints of chocolate I get are not overpowering, and I can still taste the tobacco in it. It also smells amazing! When cracking open the can, you really do get that chocolatey aroma coming right at you. While not something I'd take whenever I need some snus in me, it's perfect after lunch or dinner, when you want something not too heavy.