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General Loose

The original classic with the unrivaled recipe in its loose format. Spicy, peppery and with that typical bergamot flavor.
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Tobacco weight (g): 42
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor
Available Since: 2003
Shipping Weight (g): 58
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Bergamot, Herbs
Nicotine (mg/g): 7.5

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Petteri S profile image

Snus Esquire


All-round great snus

This snus is my favourite snus when it comes to loose snus.
Just the correct mix of flavours and strength.

    Tero M profile image

    Snus Prince


    Good snus

    I really like General snus in general! The loose has a solid taste and good humidity. Well recommended.