XQS Wintergreen is now XQS Spearmint!

XQS Wintergreen is now XQS Spearmint!

Today, we have a product to check out by the folks at XQS in Sweden! When I pulled this one out of the cold storage today to review, I was looking forward to doing a review of XQS Wintergreen. There aren’t a lot of wintergreen products on the market, so I thought it would be fun to bring awareness to another one! But, when I was doing my research for this article, something interesting happened. I couldn’t find XQS Wintergreen online. That happens sometimes, products go away. But, when I looked up XQS Wintergreen, I kept finding XQS Spearmint, which was strange!



I later found out that XQS Wintergreen is now known as XQS Spearmint. I had already taken these photos and didn’t have a new can, so I still wanted to write this review, but include a photo of the new can design.

The product description I found on SnusExpress says “XQS Spearmint Strong – A tobacco free and all-white snus perfect for you who’s looking for something discreet, stimulating and refreshing! Its slim sized nicotine pouches deliver strong nicotine kicks together with a fresh flavor fusion where mint meets wintergreen. The high-quality filling used consists of a natural plant fiber mix. A filling that ensures that these slim nicopods offer a low-drip and stain-free experience. Manufactured by XQS International. If the description of XQS Spearmint Strong sounds familiar it’s because it was formerly named XQS Wintergreen Strong. Same flavor and strength, but now with a new name and design!"

To me that was interesting, because spearmint and wintergreen are vastly different flavors. From what I remember last time I had this one last fall is that it wasn’t a big wintergreen taste and was slightly minty. So, I suppose in a way it could be renamed as XQS Spearmint. I heard from a friend in the industry that yes, the recipe hasn’t changed but only the name has changed. So thankfully I’ll still be able to do this review. 

As far as contents go, that part has also remain unchanged! Each can weighs in at 10 grams and has 20 pouches per can, for 0.5g each. The nicotine content sits at 16mg/g, or 8mg/pouch.

Now, with all that fun background stuff done, let’s crack the can and do a review!



Opening up the can, it is like I remember from last time. It’s a minty aroma, but does have some hints of wintergreen to it. It’s a sweet, minty aroma. The pouches are slim, and moist, and pretty light in weight. Under the lip I find them to be soft, and pretty comfortable under the lip. They have a little cooling presence when you put one in because of the minty flavor profile. In the taste, it seems to be a subtle mixing of spearmint and wintergreen. It’s a minty wintergreen taste. It’s slightly sweet, but not overly sweet by any means. It’s pretty well balanced! The nicotine strength is mild, and feels to be hit right about the regular strength level. The flavor lasts a decent amount of time, usually about 40-45 minutes on average.

The Bottom Line

So, I know, this was probably a weird review! I started out to review one thing, and reviewed something else, even though it’s the same thing. I’m not sure why they would rebrand it from wintergreen to spearmint, but hey, every company likes to do things differently. Mint is super popular, so perhaps this is a way to get this to more consumers who may not like wintergreen. I will say this, it does have some wintergreen taste to it. So despite it being rebranded into “spearmint” from “wintergreen”, you will notice some wintergreen in the taste. But, it’s a minty wintergreen. So, if you want to try something new out, grab a can of this one! I think you may enjoy it if you like more complex mint flavors!


Try the strong kicks of XQS Spearmint here at SnusExpress.com!

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