XPCT Mango/Pineapple Slim Nicotine Pouches XPCT

XPCT Mango/Pineapple Slim Nicotine Pouches XPCT

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about these XPCT Nicotine Pouches cans. They come in a few formats, a tube or a big can, and today we have their Mango Pineapple Big Can to check out! This is something that is really neat, because it is a way to save money, but it also uses less snus cans so it’s good for the earth! I wanted to start off with this one because I’m a big fan of tropical flavors. It’s been getting warmer here as spring is coming on, so I’ve been reaching more and more into my tropical flavor stash. It feels good to be coming out of winter and back into the seasons that I love most! Looking at this photo, it may not give you a good idea of how big this can is, so let’s continue onward in this review!

I’ve opened up one of the big XPCT cans to show you, here. Yes, this big can even has a “catch lid”! That could hold a lot of used portions, though I don’t suggest using it for that. Inside the catch lid they actually give you one small can to use. With this small can, you can refill it over and over again. As I mentioned before, this is good for the Earth because you’re using this one small can over and over instead of tossing a bunch of little cans into the bin! Looking inside the open can, you’ll notice this has a lot of pouches in it. The can notes that it is 160 grams and contains 0.4g pouches. I did some backwards math and that means there are 400 pouches per can. WOW!



The description for this product from SnusExpress says “Xpct Mango Pineapple Slim Mega Can – A enormous can (160g) filled with tobacco free and all-white snus that offers stimulating and flavorsome experiences! It contains 400 slim sized and discreet nicotine pouches that deliver strong nicotine kicks together with a fruity flavor combination of ripe mango and juicy pineapple. The filling used consists of natural plant fibers. It ensures that these comfortable nicopods won’t leave any stains while it also reduces their drip significantly, lengthening their release of both flavor and nicotine. Manufactured by LIW Innovation AB”. The nicotine content is listed at 6mg per pouch, which is a little lighter than the regular strength level.



So, I’ve filled up one of the little cans, and I’m ready to check this out and talk about it! The aroma of this stuff is fantastic. I get a big presence of pineapple and an equally present aroma of mango! It’s pretty tropical, not overly sweet, and has a nice tart nature to it. The pouches are a little lighter in weight at 0.4g each. They have a slim size to them but do feel a little smaller than your average nicotine pouch. Under the lip, they feel quite comfortable. They have a pretty decent moisture amount to them, and feel soft against the gum. The flavor on these is really nice! I like the fact that I can taste a good amount of the mango along with a good amount of the pineapple. It’s not a mega sweet one, so it really focuses on the tart, tropical nature of these fruit flavors! The nicotine strength on these is pretty light, and feels to be a little below the regular strength mark. If you like lighter strength products, you’ll find the delivery of these to be pretty satisfactory. If you want something stronger, throw in two of them, and you get more kick! The flavor lasts a decent amount of time, hanging out a good 30-40 minutes, on average. 

The Bottom Line

Before we wrap up, one thing I wanted to touch on is the price. These are currently priced at €40.82, which is about 0.10 per pouch when you break it down. If you fill a can with 20 pouches, that means you have a can that costs only €2.04 each. To do a comparison between another product with a tropical flavor, check out Velo Breeze Mango. That one costs 2.5x more, at €5 per can! If you use a can a day, you’re going to save €1080.40 per year by using XPCT. This is a great thing to consider! Also, this is a product that is good for the earth. You aren’t going to be binning a bunch of cans, because you can simply refill their can over and over again. Aside from the price and the environment, the product itself is pretty good. I enjoyed the tropical flavor of this one. So even though it’s “cheap”, it doesn’t taste cheap. It has a pretty high quality, tropical flavor to it!


Try XPCT Mango/Pineapple Slim right here at SnusExpress!


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