Review: Stripe Blizzard Strong

Review: Stripe Blizzard Strong

Today, we have something from Fedrs to check out. This is their Stripe series of nicotine pouches. I’ve honestly never had these before, so this can is my first experience with their product line! I had some of their regular Fedrs products back in 2019, but not this Stripe line. Fedrs is made in Poland, a country known for other popular nicotine pouch products. The Fedrs line is one that has a lot of popularity amongst consumers, and is one I encounter a lot on social media. It has a huge assortment of flavors and strengths, so there’s a little something for everyone in this series. The one we have today, Blizzard, is another mint one. Mint is the most popular flavor category in nicotine pouches without a doubt! So, let’s get into this review and check this one out.



The top label can actually be peeled off of this one, if you grab the little corner where the name tag is. Under the label it tells you more about this product, saying “Mint nicotine pouches with real thrill effect”. To go a bit further into that, I’ll share a full product description from “Stripe Blizzard 20 – A tobacco free and all-white snus from the manufacturer Fedrs that doesn’t hold back! Its discreet slim-nicotine pouches deliver an ice-cold mint flavor together with intense and ultra-strong nicotine kicks (20 mg/portion)! The natural plant fiber filling used by these nicopods ensures that they won’t stain and that they offer a low drip experience. This minimal amount of drip makes sure that they provide a satisfyingly long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine”.



Opening up the can, this one has a really interesting aroma. The mint presence is relaxed, and has an almost herbal presence to it. It’s not super bold, nor is it super sweet. The pouches are slim to the touch, with a nice feel against the gum. Putting one under the lip I get a burn at first, then a gentle cooling sensation as I begin to use the pouch. The flavor on this one is really interesting. The peppermint character is what I pick up first, but it almost has this earthy/herbal background to it. It’s not super sweet, and has a pretty intriguing flavor to it. The nicotine kick on it is quite strong. At 20mg per pouch, it delivers at every bit of that. It feels to be a little above the extra strong level, and hits pretty quickly. The flavor lasts about 30-40 minutes, on average.

The Bottom Line

This was certainly an interesting one. Going into it, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the flavor profile was certainly different. I’m indifferent on it myself, and could go either way. I think this is one you’re going to want to try out yourself to form an opinion on. I’d start with a can or two of it just to test it, because I could see some not being a fan of it, but I could see some really liking it. It’s an interesting flavor that could go either way depending on what you like!

Feel like stepping into the blizzard?

Try Stripe Blizzard Strong here!

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