Review: Rite Cold Dry Slim (Chew Bags)

Review: Rite Cold Dry Slim (Chew Bags)


The weather turned a little snowy today, so I thought it would be fun to review something a little cold. I reached into the stash and pulled out this chew bag from Ministry of Snus: Rite Cold Dry Slim! This is a product by Ministry of Snus in Denmark in their Rite line, which is mostly mint flavors. Depending on what flavor of mint you like, they have a pretty big assortment of mint flavors. This one I like more because it’s more on the spearmint side, which is my personal preference when it comes to mint flavors. There are a couple version of each Rite product, a large version and a slim version. For this one, we have the slim version. However, if you want a more full pouch, you can also find this one in the large format! So, with that being said, let’s get into this review and check this one out.



The flavor description for this one says, “RITE Cold Dry White Slim Chewing Bags from the manufacturer Ministry of Snus is a chew packed with power and minty flavors. These slim and discreet chewing bags fits nicely under your lip and deliver a cool peppermint flavor closely followed by an ultra strong nicotine kick (15.5 mg/portion). This rush of flavor and nicotine last for a satisfyingly long time thanks to low drip nature of these white and dry portions, making it a chew perfect to enjoy when you’re in the mood for something refreshing and energizing”. Each can weighs 13.2g and has 24 portions, for 0.55g each. The nicotine content sits at 28-ish mg/g, which is about 15.5mg per chew bag.

One thing I want to mention first: check out the catch lid. It has a little spiral pattern in it. This is something really unique that no one else does. When you turn it, it’s pretty fun to watch. Go give it a spin, it’s neat to watch.



Opening the can, the aroma that comes through is a smooth, sweet, gentle smell of spearmint. Taking a chew bag out of the can I find them to be pretty soft to the touch. They’re lighter in weight, but don’t feel too lacking. When I put one under the lip it has a pretty soft feel to it. Being a mint product, I encounter a nice, subtle cooling sensation in the lip and throughout the mouth. The flavor on this one is pretty tasty. I usually prefer spearmint over peppermint, so I found the flavor to be pretty tasty. The spearmint flavor on this one is pretty mild, and comes through pretty clearly. It’s refreshing, and gentle. It has some sweetness to it, but it’s not overly sweet, so that’s nice. In the nicotine department, this one has a pretty solid kick to it! The flavor lasts quite a while on this one. The chew bag is a little dryer than your average white portion, so it has a longer lasting taste than the average white portion. I’ve found with these, I can usually keep them in for over an hour, sometimes up to 1.5 hours. That’s pretty nice!

The Bottom Line

If you’re into chew bags and you like the taste of mint, you’ll find yourself to be quite happy with these. The spearmint flavor is really nice, the pouch feels great, and the nicotine kick is pretty decent. All in all, Ministry of Snus made a pretty great one with this one. Mint lovers, grab yourself a can of this one on your next order, you’ll be glad you did!

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