Best Nicotine Pouches for Summer 2024

Best Nicotine Pouches for Summer 2024

Summer is upon us! It was a long, cold winter, and we’re closing the book on spring, and you know what that means! It means warm months, backyard barbecues, days at the lake, camping in the woods, travel, and more. I’m one who loves pairing flavors with certain seasons. For me, some flavors work best in certain seasons, so when the weather starts to change I’m reaching for different flavor varieties to mix it up. If you’re a nicotine pouch fan, one thing you’ll find about this category is the huge variety of flavors. It’s easier than even with snus to find a mix of flavors that ranges from honeydew all the way to coconut. There is such variety with nicotine pouches. As a snus guy, it makes me jealous. We don’t have near the amount of flavors in snus as the nicotine pouch community has. This is one of the reasons that I’ll use nicotine pouches from time to time, to be honest. So, today we’re going to check out ten flavors I picked out that I think are going to be a hit in the summer of 2024!


Ace X Superwhite Honeydew Black Pepper Description: “Ace X Superwhite Honeydew Black Pepper – A tobacco free and all-white snus that offers a satisfyingly stimulating and flavorsome experience! Its slim sized nicotine pouches deliver extra strong nicotine kicks together with a sweet and fruity honeydew flavor that is complemented by spicy notes of black pepper”.

Snubie’s Comments: This is a relatively new one, but it’s one I’ve found to be really intriguing. You wouldn’t thinking blending honeydew with black pepper would work, but it actually does. It gives a little edge to the sweet, fruity taste of the honeydew. It’s a flavor that no one else has really don’t before, so this one is quite different and really stands out.


Coco Mighty Colada Description: “With Coco Mighty Colada Slim you don’t have to compromise on strength nor flavor, because you’ll get both! This tobacco free snus delivers ultra-strong nicotine kicks together with a pina colada-inspired flavor of pineapple that is rounded off with light notes of coconut”.

Snubie’s Comments: This is one I added into the list because it’s a distant cousin of a Snubie product. A few years back, I made a Pina Colada CBD pouch with Cannadips. Now, Cannadips is making nicotine pouches for SpectrumLeaf, and this one, Coco Mighty Colada, has the same flavor that I loved from Cannadips Snubie Pina Colada! If you like tropical tastes like I do, this is one that fits just right for when you’re on the beach!


Fix Pineapple Rum Coconut Description: “Fix Pineapple Rum Coconut 4 Slim – A tobacco free and all-white snus with slim sized nicotine pouches that treats you to a flavorful and stimulating experience! Its delivers extra strong nicotine kicks (11.2 mg/portion) together with a nuanced flavor where fruity notes of pineapple are topped by spicy hints of rum and a nutty dash of coconut”

Snubie’s Comments: Like the last one, this is another one that makes me think of the beach. Fix Pineapple Rum Coconut is kind of like a Pina colada, but you can actually taste a rum flavor. I don’t think it’s real rum, but it does have an added taste that is similar to rum. This one has a tropical taste to it that is much like having a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand! 


Klint Cola Lime Description: “Klint Cola Lime 4 Strong Slim – A tobacco free snus with discreet and slim sized nicotine pouches that offers a feast for your taste buds! It delivers strong and stimulating nicotine kicks (11.2 mg/portion) together with a sweet burst of cola that is topped by a refreshing dash of lime”.

Snubie’s Comments: In the warmer months, nothing beats an ice cold cola in your hand. And, if you’re like me, added a slice of lime or two into the cola makes it even better. The cola flavor of nicotine pouches is gaining in popularity and this one is probably one of the best ones out there, in my opinion. It has a nice, sweet taste of cola but with a tart twist of lime to the flavor profile. 


Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong Description: “Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong – A tobacco free snus that combines tangy freshness with spiciness! These slim, discreet and all-white nicotine pouches deliver strong nicotine kicks (8.5 mg/portion) together with a refreshing lime flavor that is topped by hot tones of jalapeno”.

Snubie’s Comments: Of all the nicotine pouches on the market, this is one of my favorites. In fact, it’s one of the only ones that I really order and keep around for my personal usage. It comes in a variety of strengths, but I think the strong level is probably the best of the available levels. I like the tart taste of lime with this one, but the nice spice of chili in the background really adds a lot to this one. This one is good on it’s own, but I find it to be an enjoyable pairing with a beer, especially an IPA! Of all the nicotine pouches on the market, this one is top tier!


Kozmo Wintergreen Description: “Kozmo Wintergreen – A discreet and tobacco free snus packed with refreshing flavors and stimulating nicotine! Its all-white and slim nicotine pouches deliver extra strong nicotine kicks (13 mg/portion) together with a crisp and minty wintergreen flavor”.

Snubie’s Comments: There aren’t a lot of wintergreen flavored nicotine pouches out there. Isn’t that surprising? Wintergreen for me is a love hate flavor. Sometimes I want it. Sometimes I don’t. But, summertime is one of the times that I really use a lot of this flavor. I find myself in the woods a lot in the summer, especially when I’m out camping. So, when I’m out in the tent, or working out in the woods, wintergreen is what I’m going for. And, given that this is the only wintergreen nicotine pouch out there, this is one that I’d reach for! 


Ace Green Lemon Description: “Ace Green Lemon Strong Slim is a tobacco free snus from the manufacturer Ministry of Snus that takes you on a stimulating and refreshing ride! Its all-white and slim nicotine pouches deliver strong nicotine kicks (10.5 mg/portion) together with a fresh flavor burst of summery citrus”

Snubie’s Comments: I’m a big fan of citrusy flavors. Something about warmer months just really makes you want something with some citrus to it. Ace’s Green Lemon is a great representation of that. This one has a nice, tart lime flavor to it that is great on it’s own, or for beer pairing on those warm summer days! 


Velo Breezy Mango Description: “Velo Breezy Mango and its tobacco free nicotine pouches delivers a true summer feeling with its fruity flavor mix. These medium strong (5.5 mg nicotine/portion) pouches incorporates tones of passion fruits and mango together with hints of mandarin, which makes it a perfect treat to enjoy when you’re in the mood for something really tasty and sweet”.

Snubie’s Comments: Velo’s Breezy Mango, formerly Tropic Breeze, has been a favorite of mine for many years. It’s perfect for warm summer days. Or, if you’re a beach bum like me, this is one that you’ll want with you when you stick your toes in the sand. I like the mango/orange blending of flavor this one has going on. It’s nice too bold, it’s not too sweet, and it’s really well balanced. 


Lynx Fizzy Lemonade Description: “Lynx Fizzy Lemonade Strong – A tobacco free and all-white snus that treats you to a stimulating and refreshing experience in a discreet way! Its slim sized nicotine pouches deliver a zesty citrus flavor together with strong and satisfying nicotine kicks”.

Snubie’s Comments: The Lynx series is a new line of nicotine pouches from Another Snus Factory. Two of their products made this list, this one and Tropical Passion. This one is an interesting one. It almost tastes exactly like an ice cold glass of lemonade! It’s tart, tangy, and has a light touch of sweetness to it. Much like in the summer, reaching for an ice cold glass of lemonade, this is one you’ll want to have nearby! 


Lynx Tropical Passion Description: “Lynx Tropical Passion Strong – A tobacco free and all-white snus that offers a flavorful and stimulating experience in a discreet way! Its slim sized nicotine pouches deliver strong nicotine kicks together with a vibrant flavor of tropical fruits”.

Snubie’s Comments: Much like Velo’s Breezy Mango, this is one of those tropical fruit flavored pouches that just feels so right in the summertime. It’s a similar type of flavor, with mango/guava/citrus, and it has a really nice pouch to it. Honestly, I’d say I like this one as much as Velo’s. It’s a really tasty, really well done pouch.

The Bottom Line

And there we go, we are ready to head into the summer! These are my top 10 pouches for the summer of 2024 I’d suggest trying out. So, on your next order grab a can or two of each, and get ready for the warm summer months! Any one of these flavors would feel just right in your personal rotation, I am quite sure! So, go grab some, kick back, and enjoy the summer!