SnusExpress provides a range of regular nicotine free pouches that are available in a variety of different tastes. This includes fruit, mint and sweet pouches, as well as a combination of all or some of these, offering different flavours without the side effects associated with tobacco or nicotine. While there is no nicotine or tobacco in these products, menthol acts as an ingredient that offers a cooling sensation for users, while caffeine stimulates the brain and nervous system to provide a similar response to what nicotine would do. Regular pouches differ from others because:

●     Compared with large versions, they are not as noticeable and are slightly more comfortable under the lip

●     Compared with mini and slim tobacco free pouches, they release flavour quicker because of their greater surface area, and they are likely to provide a more intense experience for seasoned users

The effects associated with size are usually felt in a more obvious way with large sachets because of the greater volume of content within the pouch, although there are other factors that may affect this reaction, such as how much moisture there is in the bag.

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