Pavo nicotine-free snus consists of a formulation of ashwagandha, guarana, matcha, and green tea. This herb fusion is a unique approach, and allows users to focus on flavour instead of nicotine. The slim portions also contain delicious sweet, minty, and classic flavour profiles.

Nicotine-free snus like it’s never been done before

Pavo is a brand of nicotine free snus, meaning it’s free from nicotine and tobacco.

Instead, Pavo opts for a fusion of herbs and alternative stimulants. These include:

  • Ashghwanda - reduces stress and anxiety
  • Guarana - has energising properties
  • Green tea - contains caffeine
  • Matcha - boosts alertness

All of these ingredients have effects of their own, which means users can enjoy a sensation that recreates that of using nicotine pouches to some degree.

A flavour for every taste palette

The Pavo collection includes various juicy and fresh options. These include Pavo Lemon Slim for a citrus taste, and Pavo Melon Slim for a flavour of juicy melon.

For anyone who wants the tobacco taste of classic snus without the tobacco itself, there’s Pavo Natural Slim. It contains hints of mint and recreates the rustic and earhty taste of tobacco through the herbs used.

For an even minitier option, there’s Pavo Sweet Mint, which combines peppermint with a dash of sweetness.

Where are Pavo portions made?

DTPL India is the manufacturer behind Pavo portions. It’s one of the few manufacturers from Asia in the nicotine and nicotine-free segment, and its products offer something that no other brand provides.

Ashwagandha is known as the “Indian ginseng,” and using this herb is a beautiful fusion of Indian and Swedish traditions.

Where to buy Pavo portions

Snusexpress sells Pavo nicotine free snus at affordable prices and ships the products throghout Europe. Everything is shipped fast and kept as fresh as possible.

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