Velo Easy Mint Mini

Nicotine Pouches






8 mg/g

Net Weight

10 g

Tobacco free & all-white mini-nicotine pouches that deliver a fresh mint flavor and mild nicotine kicks.

VELO may be different on the outside but don't worry, it contains the same flavor, kick and soft LYFT pouches you know and love.Velo Easy Mint Mini is a discreet treat that refreshes with its minty burst of flavor. Its tobacco free and all-white mini-nicotine pouches delivers smooth and mild nicotine kicks (3 mg/portion) together with a fresh mint flavor topped with a cool touch of menthol.Its portions use a high-quality filling that consists of natural plant fibers and it comes with some nifty advantages. It eliminates any potential risk of them leaving stains on your teeth wile it also minimizes the drip. This low amount of drip lengthens in turn their refreshing release of mint.You can now order the discreet and minty Velo Easy Mint Mini within the EU online right here at SnusExpress!

Brands Velo
Category Mini Nicotine Pouches
Manufacturer BAT
Net Weight 10 g
Nicotine 8 mg/g
Nicotine/Portion 4 mg/Port
Portion 20
Strength Normal
Taste Fresh
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