Nico Whip Alpine Mint Strong Slim

Nicotine Pouches






10 mg/g

Net Weight

16 g

Feel the power of a strong kick and the pure freshness of a cool menthol-eucalyptus flavor with this tobacco free snus from Nico!

Experience a refreshingly stimulating combination of mint and nicotine with the tobacco free Nico Whip Alpine Mint Strong Slim! These discreet, slim and all-white nicotine pouches deliver an icy burst of Swiss menthol that is topped by a fresh touch of eucalyptus. A minty burst of flavor that is accompanied by a stimulating rush of nicotine (8 mg/portion). The Swedish manufacturer The Snus Factory has crafted these nicopods by using a high-quality filling that consists of a natural plant fiber mix. An all-white filling that eliminates any potential risk of them leaving stains on your teeth while it also minimizes their drip. This low amount of drip ensures that they provide a satisfyingly long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine. You can now buy Nico Whip Alpine Mint Strong Nicotine Pouches within the EU online right here at SnusExpress!

Brands Nico
Category Slim Nicotine Pouches
Manufacturer The Snus Factory
Net Weight 16 g
Nicotine 10 mg/g
Nicotine/Portion 8 mg/Port
Portion 20
Strength Normal
Taste Fresh
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