Lewa is a leading nicotine free snus brand. It uses caffeine instead of nicotine, with each portion containing between 50 mg and 100 mg of caffeine. With colourful hallucinogenic can designs, the range stands out from the crowd for its distinctive offering. Portions are slim and flavours include minty and fruity options.

Nicotine free snus offers a whole new experience

Lewa is a brand that is 100% free from both tobacco and nicotine, and replaces them with other high-quality ingredients to create a whole new type of pouch experience.

To get a satisfying and stimulating effect, Lewa uses caffeine. To heighten the effect of the caffeine, minerals and vitamins are added to get you an extra push of energy.

These components and ingredients make Lewa’s Energy Pouches to a more health-conscious choice compared to Swedish snus with tobacco or nicotine pouches.

What does Lewa nicotine free snus taste like?

Lewa offers a few different taste options.

Lewa Apple Spruce has a zesty, fruity taste, while Lewa Wintermint Slim is cool and icy. 

Lewa Cola Lime Slim does a bit of both, fusing the sweetness of cola with the tart yet refreshing flavour of lime.

Lewa Liquorice Raspberries Slim has a unique taste profile that combines juicy yet tart raspberries with the sweet and salty taste of liquorice.

How strong is Lewa nicotine-free snus?

Different Energy Pouches in the Lewa range have different strengths. Apple Spruce and Liquorice Raspberries both contain 50 mg of caffeine per pouch, which is slightly less than an espresso.

Cola Lime Slim and Wintermint Slim have 100 mg of caffeine per pouch, which provides a more stimulating experience with a caffeine intake similar to a Starbucks Frappuccino (Grande).

Where to buy Lewa

Lewa nicotine free snus is available at Snusexpress, alongside other leading brands. We offer fast shipping, delivery thoughout Europe, and affordable prices.

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