Thunder Black Max

Nicotine Pouches






15 mg/g

Net Weight

20 g

Tobacco free, normal sized and black nicotine pouches from Thunder with extra strong kicks and an ice-cold menthol flavor!

Thunder Black Max – A unique and powerful take on nicotine pouches! Its normal sized portions have a stylish and black design, and they deliver extra strong nicotine kicks (15.5 mg/portion) together with an icy and pure menthol flavor.The filling used by its nicotine pouches consists of natural plant fibers. A filling that gives them the same qualities as all-white portions despite their black portion material. They won’t stain and they provide a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine. You can now buy your Thunder Black Max Nicotine Pouches within the EU online right here at SnusExpress!

Brands Thunder
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Category Regular Nicotine Pouches
Taste Fresh
Strength Strong
Nicotine/Portion 15.5 mg/Port
Nicotine 15.5 mg/g
Net Weight 20 g
Portion 20
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