Large sachets are designed for more experienced users because they provide an immersive and intense sensation of flavour that is likely to be unsuitable for inexperienced users. Some products contain caffeine, which adds further stimulation to the sachet, so it is always worth checking the caffeine content as this can alter the sensations one experiences. More caffeine is likely to lead to a more pronounced sensation, which some users may enjoy, while others may not. Taste is transferred quickly in such pouches, providing a stronger feeling throughout usage, although the moisture level of the sachet also plays a part.

Large products carry more ingredients and contents than smaller pouches, creating a plumper sachet for users.

There are lots of different flavours to choose from, including mint and classic tastes, as well as fruit and sweet pouches. There are a wide variety of large sized products available on our website, so take a look to discover more about what we sell.

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