Experience the thunderous power of Thunder Snus

Experience the electrifying sensation of Thunder snus, a product of the Danish company V2 Tobacco, now owned by Swedish Match since 2017. Thunder snus really feels like getting struck by lightning. It's a storm of intense mint flavours, coupled with a powerful nicotine release that will leave you feeling invigorated and satisfied. Thunder snus is available in two nicotine strengths, extra strong and ultra strong, catering to those who crave a potent nicotine experience.

A taste that strikes like lightning

The distinctively strong mint flavour of thunder snus is well recognized. Each serving provides a potent, exciting, and refreshing mint release. The taste that stands out the most is mint, with a faint undertone of dark, earthy tobacco that gives the whole flavour experience depth and richness. The nicotine pouch Thunder Frosted Slim and Thunder X White Dry Chewing Bags, two of the most well-liked Thunder variations, both offer a distinctive and energizing mint flavour, one completely tobacco-free.

Strength that roars

With nicotine levels ranging from extra strong to Ultra strong, Thunder Snus is one of Scandinavia's strongest snus brands. Thunder snus has nicotine levels that range from mild (16 mg/g) to shockingly high (45 mg/g) for seasoned users. Whether you're a veteran strong snus user or just getting started, Thunder Snus has a strength to suit your demands. Whatever your level of tolerance, the rapid and strong nicotine release will make you happy. A tremendous kick is delivered by Thunder snus just when you need it.

Quality you can trust

Thunder Snus is a product of V2 Tobacco, a company known for its high-quality snus products. Since its acquisition by Swedish Match in 2017, the quality of Thunder Snus has only improved, offering users a premium snus experience.

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