With flavours ranging from liquorice to potent mint, the Z!XS nicotine collection is as diverse as it is tasty. The nicotine strengths are just as varied, ranging from 5.9 mg to 11.75 mg per portion. All products in the range have high-quality fillings, guaranteeing a long-lasting release of nicotine and flavour.

A strength and flavour for everyone

The varied Z!XS collection features both traditional and more distinctive flavours.

On the distinctive side, there are options like Z!XS Salmiak, which boasts a salty liquorice taste profile.

Or, on the more traditional side, there are options like Z!XS Ice Strong Slim, which features a mint taste.

Z!XS North Ice-66 Extreme Slim is the most powerful option in the Z!XS collection, containing 11.75 mg of nicotine per pouch. This puts it in the strong category. However, other products in the range contain 10.3 mg or 5.9 mg per pouch, the last one making the nicotine pouches classified as medium strong.

How big are Z!XS nicotine pouches?

Z!XS nicotine pouches come in a slim format, which is a firm favourite among many nicotine pouches users.

Where are Z!XS nicotine pouches made?

Microzero AB is the manufacturer behind Z!XS. Based in Sweden, the company is dedicated to creating high-quality products

As well as Z!XS, the company is responsible for the nicotine-free brand Zeronito.

Where to buy Z!XS nicotine pouches

Z!XS are sold at Snusexpress, a site that features popular brands and products at reasonable prices. Everything is available for shipping throughout Europe with fast deliveries. 

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