Zyn Cool Mint Extra Strong Mini Dry

Nicotine Pouches

Taste Profile




Nicotine Content

15 mg/g

Net Weight

8 g

The tobacco free Zyn Cool Mint Extra Strong Mini Dry and its all white mini-nicotine pouches delivers powerful kicks and an icy burst of mint.

Experience powerful nicotine kicks together with a refreshingly minty flavor in the most discreet way imaginable with Zyn Cool Mint Extra Strong Mini Dry. These tobacco free and all white nicotine pouches are jam-packed with nicotine (6 mg/portion) and they deliver an icy flavor combination of menthol topped with fresh hints of peppermint.These nicotine pouches uses a high quality and innovative cellulose powder filling. This choice of filling gives them some really neat attributes. The lack of tobacco ensures that they stay completely white at all times, which in turn eliminates any potential risk of them staining your teeth. Their dry character minimizes the drip and lenghtens the release of both flavor and nicotine. Combine these qualities with their comfortable mini-size and you got something discreet, stimulating and refreshingly flavorful.You can now order your can or roll of the all white Zyn Cool Mint Extra Strong Mini Dry within the EU online right here at SnusExpress.

Brands Zyn
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Taste Profile Mint
Strength Strong
Nicotine per Portion 6 mg/Port
Nicotine Content 15 mg/g
Net Weight 8 g
Portions 20
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