RITE Arctic Medium Chew

White Portion






15 mg/g

Net Weight

13.2 g

RITE ICE White Slim Chew is filled to the brim with nicotine (15.5 mg/portion) and delivers a refreshing flavor burst of cool mint. The white and slim portions provides a discreet and comfortable chew experience by minimizing the drip, which prolongs both the minty flavor and the energetic kick.

The experience that RITE ICE White Slim Chew provides is something truly extraordinary. The flavor-explosion of cool and fresh mint combined with the ultra high nicotine content of 15.5 mg/portion makes this a refreshing chew packed with power and energy. This RITE-chew comes in white and slim portions optimized for a discreet and comfortable fit while reducing the drip. The low-drip nature of these chewing bags makes the ice-cool and fresh mint flavor last longer, and if you chew on the bag lightly the release of both nicotine and flavor becomes almost instant. Another thing that is quick and fast with RITE ICE White Slim Chew is the shipping when you order it online from us at SnusExpress.eu.

Brands RITE
Manufacturer Ministry of Snus
Category Slim White Portion
Taste Fresh
Strength Strong
Nicotine/Portion 8.25 mg/Port
Nicotine 15 mg/g
Net Weight 13.2 g
Portion 24
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