White Fox

White Fox Peppered Mint

Nicotine Pouches






16 mg/g

Net Weight

15 g

Tobacco free and peppermint-black pepper flavored nicopods from White Fox that deliver extra strong kicks!

Put a peppery twist on your mint experience with the tobacco free White Fox Peppered Mint! These all-white nicotine pouches from GN Tobacco deliver extra strong nicotine kicks (12 mg/portion) together with refreshing peppermint flavor that is topped with a dash of black pepper oil.Its slim nicopods use a filling that consists of natural plant fibers, and they themselves are made out of an innovative fleece-material. Their all-white character and pouch material ensure that they won’t stain and that they provide a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.You can now buy your White Fox Peppered Mint Nicotine Pouches within the EU online right here at SnusExpress!

Brands White Fox
Manufacturer GN-Tobacco (Gajane)
Category Slim Nicotine Pouches
Taste Fresh
Strength Strong
Nicotine/Portion 12 mg/Port
Nicotine 16 mg/g
Net Weight 15 g
Portion 20
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