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Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Dry Chewing Bags

A Swedish orginal enters the chew market.

A mild but flavorful tobacco aromatized with lavender and juniper berries and just a hint of citrus. This characteristic tobacco blend made Göteborgs Rapé to one of the most famous snus brands.

The white dry portions guarantee an evolving flavor experience and nicotine release for longlasting snus experience. The slim portions fit perfectly under your lip.

1 Can 5,85 €
5 Cans 27,79 €

Price per Can: 5,56 €

10 Cans 52,65 €

Price per Can: 5,26 €

Tobacco weight (g): 13.2
Portions / Can: 24
Available Since: 2017
Shipping Weight (g): 31
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Juniperberry, Lavender
Nicotine (mg/g): 16.0
Flavor Group: Fruity
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Till J profile image

Chew Esquire


My Holiday choice

This is the only Tobacco containing nicotine product I really enjoy. I normally just do nicotine pouches. I'm repulsed by the deep brown guck snus secrets.
Nether the less I really enjoy the taste and feel of real snus.
This is my favourite of all products I tested so far. In my eyes it is in every way what I want from snus. the smell is promising, It tastes great and natural and the size comfortable and subtle.
This product for me is like a reward for something I achieved or as I said my choice if I have a reason to enjoy myself more

    Tom T profile image

    Chew Knight


    One of the best

    The classic. Nice and dry, doesn't drip much and the slim version can be used discreetly.

      Bas H profile image

      Lord of Chew


      The best chew

      Excellent chew! My favorite!
      Easy going chew with nice and soft flavors like juniper and lavender.
      Long lasting taste and no drip!

        Felix H profile image

        Chew Esquire


        Best Snus ever

        Good Quality and very fast shipping!

          Sm A profile image

          Chew Esquire


          Good But..

          It was one of my first experience with chewing bags. The quality seems good, nice dry portions fits well under lips. I like it. The reason why I rated only three stars is that lots of bags where empty and the quantity in bags are not the samet. That was upsetting. If they tried to save money that way it's a stupid strategy.

          Will try for the last time this one and the one with larger portion. If the story repeats.unfortunately It will be my last order for this brand..

            Scamuzzi R profile image

            Lord of Chew


            Evergreen snus

            Tried many but always coming back to this GR’s Slim.

              Ésik K profile image

              Chew King


              One of the best

              If you use snus/ nicopods/ chew, it's nearly impossible not to hear about Göteborgs Rapé. One of the best brand on the market. Unique flavour, good longevity. 5/5

                Dennis K profile image

                God of Chew


                Excellent Taste

                This one was my all time companion for over a year and there is one simple reason for that: Just a great taste!
                It is one of these products you read the description and not only find it confirmed but even better! The taste of tobacco is mild and pleasant and gets completed by lavender and juniper and citric. Especially the taste of lavender is unique so far and if you appreciate taste more than high level of nicotine this Chew is a great choice. Talking about nicotine:
                Even if the amount of nicotine is moderate you will still be satisfied! From my point of view it is just right for the size, which is from my point of view just a matter of preference. I like the slim ones for the unremarkable use but they lose taste a bit faster than normal.
                What else to say about Göteborg?
                Well nothing that is not been said already in other comments! The moisture is perfect so the chew does not run to wet and disturbs the user.
                So overall I can recommend Göteborg to everybody whose focus is rather on taste than on nicotine. But to be honest: do not underestimate the content of these slim-sized chewing bags ;)

                  Adnan S profile image

                  Lord of Chew


                  Sehr gutes produkt

                  Habe früher in schweden gewohnt und bin quasi süchtig nach denen. Jetzt wohne ich in D und bin froh das ich die bestellen kann dafür allein 5 * . Aber leider sind es die einzigen die immer schnell ausverkauft sind und schwer wieder reinkommen . Vielleicht mal mehr davon bestellen wenn man von denen soviel in frage kommen . Sonst Top

                    Greig D profile image

                    Chew Esquire


                    Mr G

                    Excellent product, love the taste feels strong but that ain’t a bad thing

                      Florian S profile image

                      Baron of Chew


                      Mein Favorit

                      Stärke ist genau richtig, geschmacklich hervorragend, sehr trocken und läuft nicht.

                        Adam Hakan Y profile image

                        Lord of Chew



                        Great taste, feels strongers than most stuff but nothing to be complained of.

                          Thorben D profile image

                          Chew Esquire


                          A special chew for special tastes

                          GR, having hints of lavender in it, might not seem like a very appealing choice for many people. I, however, can only encourage trying this one out! I myself am totally not a fan of lavender, this however tastes amazing. It's a very refined and smooth flavour, rounded of with a good dose of nicotine. That said, I would not recommend this for absolute beginners, as it can be quite strong.

                            Chaima F profile image

                            Lord of Chew



                            Loving the strong hit! One of my absolute favorites

                              Brian C profile image

                              Lord of Chew


                              Rock Solid

                              Chewed first in Canada then in London but I always come back to this, awesome stuff..

                                Jakub S profile image

                                Lord of Chew


                                First taste of tobacco

                                I have quit smoking about a month ago. Started on nicotine pouches without any issues. I wanted to try snus. However, it is illegal here in EU. So I tried chew bags. This product in particular is very very tasty. It has a very specific taste which I really enjoy.

                                I am excited for my Sweden/Switzerland trip in the summer, to try out GR line of this brand.

                                  Armin R profile image

                                  Sir Chew


                                  best of all

                                  used to do it since i worked with a sweden good qualitiy and tase

                                    Wietske v profile image

                                    Lord of Chew


                                    My favorite !

                                    My favorite chew :) it has good flavour, a good level of nicotine and its not leaking much !

                                      Tassos H profile image

                                      God of Chew


                                      one of the best!

                                      i tried many others but ALWAYS come back to this! this is my favorite chew!

                                        Łukasz P profile image

                                        Lord of Chew



                                        My favourite!!

                                          Hans N profile image

                                          God of Chew


                                          Great chew

                                          Not different from the snus, only a bit drier.

                                            Alexander C profile image

                                            Baron of Chew


                                            Chew of choice

                                            This chew is my personal favorite! Imo it somehow feels better (stronger) than the standard "White Large" from the same brand.
                                            Good stuff indeed :))

                                              Max S profile image

                                              Baron of Chew



                                              I think that i found my best chewbag ever !

                                                Yuliyan K profile image

                                                God of Chew



                                                One of my favourite one!

                                                  Petri H profile image

                                                  Chew King


                                                  Good stuff

                                                  After using years Göteborgs Rapé's normal size chewing bags I have more and more started to use these slim chewing bags. They come with a compact size, yet they offer nice kick!

                                                    Jose V profile image

                                                    Duke of Chew



                                                    After trying many brands and classes I have choosen this one as my favourite because of the combination of a compact size which feel comfortable in the mouth and the perfect concentration of tobacco.

                                                      Richard S profile image

                                                      Chew Esquire



                                                      Erstaunlicherweise merkt man überhaupt kein unterschied zum Snus. Sehr empfehlenswert

                                                        Paulina S profile image

                                                        Lord of Chew


                                                        : )

                                                        I'm lovin' it !!!!!!!

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