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Göteborgs Rapé Large White Chewing Bags

A Swedish orginal enters the chew market.

A mild but flavorful tobacco aromatized with lavender and juniper berries and just a hint of citrus. This characteristic tobacco blend made Göteborgs Rapé to one of the most famous snus brands.

0,7g finest tobacco in white portions for a longlasting flavor experience.


1 Can 5,85 €
5 Cans 27,79 €

Price per Can: 5,56 €

10 Cans 52,65 €

Price per Can: 5,26 €

Tobacco weight (g): 14
Portions / Can: 20
Available Since: 2017
Shipping Weight (g): 32
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Juniperberry, Lavender
Nicotine (mg/g): 12.0
Flavor Group: Fruity
Product Qty description: Can,Cans

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Sm A profile image

Chew Esquire


Last purchase

Good quality product but their relation to customer is not faire. In can there is only 14 portions, some bags are half filled... Even if I like this product I will never bye it again. My last experience with slim bags was horrible, as I said in previous comment lot's of bags were empty and others were filled tiny portion only few bags were filled as it hasd to be. There is better alternative...

    Falk B profile image

    Lord of Chew


    Einer meiner liebsten

    Die für mich beste Alternative zu klassischem schwedischen Snus. Guter Geschmack und der Nic Hit ist nicht all zu krass. Gut für alle die Chew testen wollen

      Florian Z profile image

      Chew Esquire


      Best snus

      Personally my favourite snus for daily use. Not to strong, not to weak, I'm really satisfied

        Roland B profile image

        Chew Esquire


        Einfach gut

        Ganz gute Geschmack. Preis auch ok.

          Martin N profile image

          Chew Esquire


          Classic 10/10

          Never get wrong with Rape, proud of this product holding name of my city!

            Roland D profile image

            Duke of Chew


            Snus Geschmack

            Für mich der beste Snus, ist natürlich und nicht so stark

              Andreas N profile image

              Lord of Chew


              The one and pnly

              Its my first chew and I have never looked back. Tried the rest but we are the best

                Dennis K profile image

                God of Chew


                Same taste - different size!

                For Göteborgs Rape Large I can simply repeat, what I already wrote about the Göteborgs Rape Slim.
                There is literally no difference except of the size. So in the end it remains as a simple matter of preference if you want to go with the slim size or if you prefer the large ones.
                As a matter of fact I absolutely recommend this product, no matter if slim or large, for its great taste, the sufficient amount of nicotine and the fair price!
                Nothing to complain about here ;)

                  Konrad k profile image

                  Chew Knight


                  Very good but General the best

                  Good chew but General better for me. Too much perfume aroma. But I still order it for a different taste once a while. So I recommend it

                    Gsx x profile image

                    Chew Esquire


                    Not Great, Not Terrible

                    Maybe a little bit too spicy for my taste. It contains propylene glycol E1520 like all Swedish Match products do. They should stop adding it.

                      Massimo P profile image

                      Chew Knight


                      Goteborg rape

                      Just one single word: WONDERFUL!

                        Filip K profile image

                        Chew Esquire



                        Einfach ne 10/10.

                          Johan D profile image

                          Duke of Chew


                          Great substitute for the real snus

                          I bought the Göteborgs Rapé White Portion chewing bags friday evening, today monday it arrived, took less than 24 hours (working day wise).

                          Great delivery time. 5/5

                          Taste wise since i´ve been using the real snus for over 20 years, It is not exactly the same taste as the original Göteborgs Rapé and the bags are thicker.

                          If you chew on them before putting them under your lip, the taste improves alot and is a really good substitute.

                          If it could also be available to buy the loose version of this i would be very happy.

                          For all the snusare living outside of Sweden but within the EU, this is a good product and substitute.

                            Tim F profile image

                            Chew King


                            Good to use at Work

                            With swedish origin I ofcourse prefer real Snus. But since I live abroad I have to use Chew which is a good sub. Göteborgs Rapé is a good thing to use at work as it isn't so wet.

                              PT H profile image

                              Chew Esquire


                              Best snus one could find

                              This snus is perhaps the perfect example of what it should be like: smooth, long-lasting kick and with a great drip, tasting like a beautiful blend of herbs and tobacco.
                              All in all, a very recommendable product!

                                Alexander C profile image

                                Baron of Chew


                                used to be my favorite chew

                                This chew used to be my favorite, until I discovered the White Dry Slim from the same brand. This White Large somehow feels lighter in potens, than the White Dry slim - which is now my chew of choice!

                                  Dariusz C profile image

                                  Baron of Chew


                                  Göteborg ah Göteborgs!

                                  It is the freshness which feels awesome. The aroma game between the juniper, lavender, some wooden flavor and a slightly bit of a citrus is just perfect.
                                  But I'd like more nicotine ( mg/g ).
                                  And the price is quite good.

                                    Jake S profile image

                                    Chew Esquire


                                    One of the best..

                                    Tried this a while back & it was one of the best experiences I've ever had from chew, wasn't sure it would capture the spirit of its snus counterpart, but it was absolutely delightful.
                                    The profile of this tobacco is a complex cocktail of fine flavours and as such this isn't an all day Chew, this one is best paired with a herbal brew in the day or a nice spirit in the evening.

                                    The only thing that would improve this product is if a loose version was to be released, so fingers crossed for the future.

                                      Kevin R profile image

                                      Chew Esquire



                                      This definitely has an almost instant hit of flavour - I find that the citrus is a lot more prominent than a “hint,” but it’s not overwhelming in any way. It’s got a pleasant balance, and certainly not enough citrus to make your gums shrivel up. It’s got a very nice flavour profile.

                                      I do recommend this if you’ve been partaking for a while. It is strong, and this bit is dependent on what you’re use to, but a nicotine kick is definitely present - momentary spike and plateau, but there.

                                        Teake K profile image

                                        Chew King



                                        Nice flavour and one of my favourite

                                          Tassos H profile image

                                          God of Chew


                                          Nice kick - awesome taste

                                          this is one of my favorite chews.
                                          the kick is a nice and strong one, while the taste is amazing!!

                                            Andreas Borby B profile image

                                            Chew Peasant


                                            What snus should be like

                                            As a person living under the weird rules of The European Union, a nice quality of snus has been hard to come by. However, the introduction of Göteborgs Rapé has really brought quality to the market. A very pleasent smell and taste from this brand of snus, has always been a signature. Unfortunately it has been impossible to import because of moronic EU-wide regulations, leaving us with mediocre rip-offs. The snus has a perfect amount of nicotine, that will satisfy one without that unpleasant uncomfortable near death experience extremely strong brands give. The can is also very nice looking.

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