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77 – A Polish brand of high-quality nicotine pouches that are 100% tobacco free and that are available in many different tasty flavors! With minty, fruity, sweet and even tobacco flavored portions ranging from medium to extra strong there is sure to be a 77 perfect for you!

ACE, a tobacco free brand of premium-quality nicotine pouches that are bursting to the seams with fresh flavors and energizing nicotine. They’re design to fit discreetly under your lip, to not stain and to deliver flavors and extra strong kicks that last for a satisfyingly long time. Manufactured by Ministry of Snus.

Faro by House of Smoke is a tobacco free brand of nicotine pouches that use a tea-leaf filling.

Fumi is a tobacco free brand from the Swedish manufacturer The Snus Brothers! It offers a huge and varied selection of discreet nicotine pouches at an affordable price. There is a Fumi for every taste and preference!

General Chew combines the classic General flavor with the manufacturing expertise of Swedish Match. The result is a high-quality and tasty chew-series that delivers a satisfyingly long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine!

Fresh, herby and innovative. Göteborgs Rapé has thanks to its unique character become incredibly popular, both in Sweden and around the world. Göteborgs Rapé comes in a whole range of flavors and sizes.

Grant – A tobacco free brand that delivers refreshingly tasty flavors in a discreet way thanks to its slim, comfortable and all-white nicotine pouches!

Helwit by the Swedish manufacturer Yoik AB is a tobacco free brand with a passion for flavor and sustainability. Its all-white nicotine pouches offer a varied selection of flavors and they’re designed to provide discreet experiences.

LOOP, a tobacco free brand by Another Snus Factory with a big and varied selection of flavors. LOOP’s Instant Rush technology ensures that these discreet and all white nicotine pouches provide an instant release of both flavor and nicotine.

LYFT by Fiedler & Lundgren is a quality brand of tobacco free nicotine pouches. These slim and all white pouches is filled to the brim with fresh flavors and energetic nicotine. LYFT is very much like its predecessor EPOK but now, thanks to some small but innovative changes, it’s even fresher!

NICO, a tobacco free brand that provides the ultimate all-white experience! Inspired by the Swiss Alps the manufacturer The SnusFactory has with expertise and precision designed these slim nicotine pouches to deliver icy mint flavors together with some of the strongest kicks on the market!

Oden's chew is a product with a good quality for a low price, it's also well known for it's strength and feel. All of this is probably the reason why this product is well known all around the globe!

These tobacco free nicotine pouches offers one of the freshest and most flavorsome experience available on the market. On! is packed with refreshing flavors and comes in innovative all white pouches designed for a discreet and comfortable fit!

Pablo’s chewing bags takes no prisoners! They’re loaded with powerful nicotine kicks and intense mint flavors, just put one of them under your lip and brace yourself for an energizing and stimulating rush that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping through your body!

Experience kicks that hit you like a slapshot with PUCK Chew! A premium brand by The SnusFactory that combines Swedish tradition with Swiss precision in order to deliver the ultimate nicotine experience.

It’s ultra strong, it’s extremely refreshing, it’s RITE chew! RITE by Ministry of Snus is a series of portion chew filled to the brim with nicotine and fresh flavors. The intense and energizig nicotine kick provided by RITE is sure to satisfy and stimulate. You can’t go wrong with RITE!

Scooper Energy – No tobacco, no nicotine nor any added sugar, only pure flavor and energy! Scooper’s all-white and discreet portions are packed with refreshing flavors, and they deliver a stimulating rush of vitamin B5 and caffeine (40 mg/portion). The energy revolution has begun!

Shiro is a brand of tobacco free nicotine pouches that has been expertly crafted by AG Snus to deliver fresh flavors and stimulating nicotine kicks in a discreet and comfortable fashion.

Inspired by one of the toughest and most brutal places on earth weather wise, the chew Siberia sure lives up to it's name. Being one of the strongest tobacco products in the world!

Skruf is a Swedish brand that since its debut in 2001 have mastered the art of delivering high quality products by combining tradition with innovation. Its big and varied selection of chew and tobacco free nicotine pouches comes in many different flavors and strengths, making it a go to brand for many users.

Swag is a tobacco free brand of nicotine pouches sure to satisfy your itch for refreshing flavors and stimulating kicks! These all-white and slim portions have been expertly designed by the manufacturer AM Swedish to offer a discreet fit and to provide an instant yet satisfyingly long-lasting release!

Swave is the very first tobacco free & all-white brand of nicotine pouches from Gotlandssnus. Its discreet portions are packed with deliciously fruity flavors and stimulating nicotine.

Thunder is a very popular chew brand from the Danish company V2 Tobacco. Thunder chew is nicotine wise always in the extra strong, ultra strong or extremely strong range, and comes in all kinds of portion variations. Thunder has both traditional aromas as well as a wide range of different mint flavors, also fruity flavors such as melon and raspberry!

Experience refreshing flavors and satisfying kicks in an incredibly discreet way with Velo! Its tobacco free and all-white nicotine pouches are optimized for a comfortable fit and they’re designed to provide a long-lasting release.

VIKA – A Swedish brand of all-white and tobacco free nicotine pouches packed with stimulating nicotine and refreshing flavors! In its selection you’ll find ice-cold mint flavors and a tasty strawberry-lime flavor, with strengths ranging from strong to extremely strong.

VOLT by Swedish Match is a tobacco free brand of nicotine pouches that have been expertly crafted to provide satisfying experiences in a discreet and convenient way! Its big and varied selection allows you to choose between many exciting flavors and different strengths.

White Fox By GN Tobacco is a tobacco free brand that deliver minty flavors and extra strong nicotine kicks in the most discreet way possible. These all white nicotine pouches fits comfortably under your lip, won't stain your teeth while they deliver an intense burst of flavor and nicotine that last for a satisfyingly long time.

ZYN is an innovative and tobacco free brand from Swedish Match. These all white nicotine pouches won’t stain your teeth and they come in a wide array of tasty flavors and different strengths.

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