Sadly, as you may already have noticed, the chewing bags from General, Göteborgs Rapé and Thunder have been disappearing one after one here at SnusExpress. The reason behind this, unfortunately, is that Swedish Match have stopped all production of its chewing bags.

The end of an era, but also a start of something new

But hey, it means that you got an excuse to try something new and finding a new favorite! Here at SnusExpress you’ll find a big and varied selection of chewing bags that offers the same satisfying experiences as Thunder, General and Göteborgs Rapé. Pick and choose from a wide variety of flavor ranging from classic tobacco to refreshing mint. And if you want to make a seamless transition to the world of All White Nicotine Pouches, we got you covered on that front as well.

Alternatives to General and Göteborgs Rapé

Are you a big fan of the chewing bags from either General of Göteborgs Rapé? Then you have some great and high-quality options to choose from! If it’s the classic taste of pure tobacco you’re after we recommend you take a look at Artisan! A premium brand of chewing bags that offers an impressive selection of chew with unaltered and robust tobacco flavors. If you’re willing and interested to step up the strength a notch or two Siberia got you covered with Siberia X-Tremely Black Strong Slim Chewing Bags and Siberia X-Tremely Black Strong White Dry. Two solid and nicotine packed chews with classic and tobacco centric flavors.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the iconic flavors of General and Göteborgs Rapé then there are two tobacco free alternative from XR tailor-made just for you. XR General Slim NP and XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim NP are both inspired by their chewing bags counterparts, offering similar flavor experiences sure to satisfy even the most hardcore fans.

Chewing bags similar to Thunder

The popular Thunder brand is famous for its minty Frosted flavor and powerful nicotine kicks. Even though Thunder might have been one of the first, many other brands have followed in its footstep and put their won interesting and unique twists on this successful formula. At SnusExpress you can browse through a big selection of chewing bags that pack high nicotine contents and who deliver refreshing flavor. Here are a few of them just to give you a little taste:

Puck Icing Extreme Strong Chewing Bags:

A chew with kicks that hits you like a slapshot from the blueline! Its well-filled and white chewing bags pack extremely high nicotine contents (45 mg/g), and they deliver a cool flavor of Swiss menthol that is topped by a biting dash of peppermint.

Odens Extreme Cold White Dry Chewing Bags:

One of the most popular Swedish Snus in world, here as a chew! Its White Dry and well-filled chewing bags deliver powerful nicotine kick (22 mg/g) together with a refreshing spearmint flavor over a light and slightly spicy tobacco base.

Siberia Extremely Strong Slim White Dry Chewing Bags:

A more discreet version of one of the strongest chews in the world! These slim sized White Dry chewing bags have light and spicy tobacco characters, and they deliver ultra-strong nicotine kicks (43 mg/portion) together with crisp and fresh spearmint flavor.

Puck Siberia Odens Mix:

The perfect choice for you who’s having some trouble to decide. A great value mix pack with three different chews from Puck, Siberia and Odens. A bundle with high-quality chewing bags that come in different sizes and strengths, and they all have minty flavors.

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