Odens Snus and Odens Extreme Snus offer a wide range of flavors

Embrace the Power of the Norse God

Welcome to the realm of Oden's, a snus brand that has carved its own saga in the tobacco community. Known for delivering top-tier quality at a price that won't pillage your wallet, Oden's is a testament to the commitment to quality and affordability that GN Tobacco, its creator, is renowned for. The same masterminds behind other potent brands like Siberia, GN Tobacco has ensured that Odens stands tall as a brand that offers a potent snus experience without demanding a king's ransom. Oden's Snus is made in Sweden by GN Tobacco. With Oden's, you're not just buying snus - you're investing in a product that stands for quality, variety, and value, as formidable as Thor's mighty hammer.


A Pantheon of Flavours

Oden's Extreme Snus aren't just about power and affordability. They're also about variety and a rich tapestry of flavours. Offering a broad spectrum of flavours, Odens is the go-to for those seeking quality, diversity, and a unique snus experience. Whether you're a fan of classic flavours or on the hunt for something a bit offbeat, Oden's has got your back. Choose between the classic Oden's Extreme Cold White Dry Chewing Bags or, if you are looking for an even stronger mint flavor, Oden's Extreme Double Mint White Dry Chewing Bags has got your back. Crafted with high-quality ingredients and priced to be budget-friendly, Oden's is set to meet and surpass the expectations of even the most discerning snus enthusiasts.


The Strength of a Viking

Oden's is known, loved, and feared for its Oden's Extreme series with 22 mg of nicotine per gram. This falls under the category of extra strong and is not for beginners.
Oden's offers an invigorating snus experience that's as unique and robust as you are. Embark on your Oden's journey today. Enjoy the quality, savour the variety, and relish the value that each Oden's product provides. Begin your saga now!

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