Göteborgs Rapé

Göteborgs Rapé: A Taste of Swedish Heritage

Step into the world of Göteborgs Rapé, a snus and chewing bag that is more than just a blend of flavours. It's a journey back to the bustling harbours of 19th-century Gothenburg, a taste of Sweden, and a nod to our nautical heritage. Göteborgs Rapé is not just a snus and chewing bag; it's a piece of Swedish history that you can experience today.


The Unmistakable Flavour of Göteborgs Rapé

Göteborgs Rapé offers a unique flavour profile that sets it apart. Imagine a light tobacco base, infused with the refreshing taste of juniper and the soothing notes of lavender. This recipe, unchanged since 1919, continues to captivate snus and chewing bag enthusiasts, standing as a testament to our commitment to tradition and quality. Since 1990, Göteborgs Rapé has also been available in White Portions, pouches with a dry surface that allow for a longer-lasting enjoyment.


The Iconic Blue Can: A Symbol of Gothenburg

Göteborgs Rapé Snus and chewing bags have their roots in the Swedish port city of Gothenburg, a fact proudly reflected in the brand name. In the mid-19th century, Swedish sailors returned from their ocean voyages with a bounty of unknown spices, plants, and recipes. These new ingredients quickly blended with regional traditions, resulting in a vast, aromatic variety that became the hallmark of Göteborgs Rapé. It's no wonder that this sailor's favourite soon gained popularity on land as well.

Every snus and chewing bag are packed in distinctive blue cans. When you see this iconic blue can, you instantly recognise it: It's Göteborgs Rapé! But this blue can is more than just packaging; it's a symbol of our city, a reminder of our nautical roots, and a badge of our Swedish pride.


The Story Behind the Name

The brand name Göteborgs Rapé, and sometimes GR, holds a secret beyond its geographical origin. The word "rapé" comes from French and translates as "torn" or "crushed". This refers to the traditional process of cutting the tobacco into small pieces and mixing it with the other ingredients. The snus and chewing bag in the blue can is often affectionately referred to as Göteborgs Snus, a simple name that carries with it a rich history.


Göteborgs Rapé - A classic trough and trough

Göteborgs Rapé comes in various formats to suit every preference. The Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Dry Chewing Bags is long and narrow, allowing the pouches to sit discreetly under your upper lip for a particularly unobtrusive enjoyment. The Göteborgs Rapé White Large Chewing Bags, is if you prefer a stronger experience, with its larger pouch and more tobacco. 

Experience the legendary Göteborgs Rapé aroma: a balanced tobacco flavour meets delicate lavender notes, which harmonize wonderfully with the aromas of juniper. Subtle hints of citrus add a touch of freshness, creating a flavour profile that is as complex as it is satisfying.


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